The Last Women Standing was a breath of fresh air. It was an absolute delight from start to finish. The characters literally came to life during the hour and forty minutes, and stars Shu Qi and Eddie Peng were well on their way to setting all kinds of relationship goals. While we all secretly wish for a sequel, let's revisit seven couple moments between the two that gave us life. 

1. Their fated first meeting in the lobby of their company. He was a perfect gentlemen letting her in the turnstile first with his ID pass. He even picked her ID up after she dropped it. Is it just me or was it love at first sight for these two?

2. Carrying Shu Qi's purse was such a nice gesture! Who knew the accessory would do wonders for his outfit too?

3. When they realized they have to share a hotel room for the first time, they were both a bundle of nerves. Surprisingly, their first night together was very intimate, but it was in the most unexpected way!


4. Even when she accidentally injured him, she knew how to tend to Eddie's wounds. I honestly didn't see this one coming!

5, The zipper scene was sexy and hilarious all at the same time. When she asked him to zip up her dress it was slightly seductive, but when the zipper got stuck you couldn't help but chuckle. 

6. The scene may have been sad in the film, but this back hug is the best! You can see how much they care for each other thru this heartwarming moment. 

7. Their sweet reunion was everything! Who wasn't waiting for the lovers' special hug? 

Which moment touched your heart?


The Last Women Standing

Starring Shu Qi and Eddie Peng

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