Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a delightful K-drama from start to finish. The budding romances in particular are so heartwarming . Some couples were meant to be, while others were complete misses. Nonetheless, they all had moments that set incredible relationship goals. Whether it's capable of happening in real life or not, Let's relive 9 goal setting moments full of love. 

1. Bok Joo's first major crush was on Dr. Jung Jae Yi. When she found out he was a physician specializing in weight loss, she quickly accumulated funds to register for his diet and therapy plan. Love spends money! If only we could all spurge like Bok Joo.

2. After being friends for a long time, Jung Joon Hyung finally confessed his feelings to the innocent Kim Bok Joo. She was stunned when her bestie openly admitted his feelings at her job. How many of us want our crushes to confess in the middle of the work day?

3. Rejection is not in Joon Hyung's vocabulary. Following his confession, he suggested Bok Joo date him for a month before she made a a definite decision on their relationship status. His persistence and positivity is astonishing!

4. Following Coach Choi Sung Eun's night of heavy drinking, she decided it was time for Bok Joo's uncle and herself to start dating. You can't help but love her logic behind the reason to start a relationship out of the blue. Before she got old and wrinky, she wanted to give dating another shot. Date til you age! 


5. Their adorable PDA on campus! Our young couple was in sheer bliss right after they started dating. They openly showed affection on their college campus without caring about what others thought of them.

6. After years of a fulfilling friendship, the two doctors separated because Dr. Go was sick of having a one-sided crush on her platonic male friend. Dr. Jung finally wised up and started pursing her relentlessly. This is life goals! Who wouldn't want their crush to finally return their feelings for them?

7. When Bok Joo and Joon Hyung's friends start secretly dating, poor Jung Nan Hee accidentally becomes the third wheel. It's hilarious to see how they hide their budding romance for example: holding hands in popcorn. Can anyone hide their relationship better than them?

8. Bok Joo's jealous girlfriend rage is everything! She misinterpreted Joon Hyung's good intentions as cheating on her. Our fairy's dad asked Joon Hyung to keep his recent hospitalization a secret from his daughter, because he didn't want to upset her during her training. Bok Joo transformed into our favorite jealous girlfriend when she couldn't figure why he was so preoccupied lately. Hilarious GF goals!

9. Bok Joo's coaches,who were also longtime co-workers, finally got their act together and started officially dating. You could see they liked each other throughout the entire series, but it wasn't until she confessed to him (while he recuperated from a fall) did a turning point in their relationship begin. If you have ever fallen in love with a co-worker, you completely understand their intial dilemma. Especially since he was a divorced man still heartbroken from his first marriage.

Which couple scene in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo touched your heart the most?

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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