Many Asian stars cover up major life changes from tabloid news and devoted fans. The reasons could be to protect their personal privacy or their idol status. Taiwanese stars have especially been very creative in flash weddings and baby surprises, such as an actress who was playing a pregnant woman on screen while being secretly pregnant in real life, a leading man who finally married his pregnant girlfriend right before she gave birth, and more. Take a look at these dramatic real-life surprises.

5.  Chris Wang has a new adventure — The handsome leading man first confessed his secret romance and pending pregnancy via FB. The bundle of joy arrived on April 9. Chris married his fiancee by registration 15 days after the baby was born. He sounded very practical when he said it was also convenient to register the baby, nicknamed Guen Guen, to his household record at the same time.

Chris first gained fame as a host of a travel adventure show, and now he can't wait to take his daughter on new adventures. Apparently the first adventure is a cameo role for the baby when Chris guest stars on the Taiwanese romance drama, Love Cuisine.

4. Sonia Sui finds love again — After a very public breakup with longtime boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao, it was reported that Sonia was despondent for quite a while. Luckily, The Fierce Wife actress met her soulmate in Tony Xie, a Taiwanese-American a financial expert. They married in Las Vegas in January. The surprise wedding was soon followed by surprise pregnancy news. 

Sonia is one of those rare beauties who maintained her figure throughout the pregnancy. She gave birth to her son, Max, at the end of August, and the happy new mother wants 2 more babies. Sonia continues her thriving career in Taiwan, and the couple will meet once a month with Tony doing the long commute.

3. Xiu Jie Kai is a new husband and dad — The Dear Mom leading man gave fans a big surprise! Although last year Jie Kai already confirmed his romance with actress Alyssa Chia, who is 9 years older and has a daughter from a previous marriage, he announced the pregnancy news soon after Dear Mom completed its run. The cute baby girl was born on August 14.

Days before Alyssa gave birth, the expectant parents registered their marriage. In October, they held a baby celebration party, looking very happy together as a family. Xiu Jie Kai is due for his military service in March 2016. For now, he is happily changing diapers and enjoying matrimonial bliss. Dear Dad, he is!

2. Beatrice Fang was reallly pregnant on Dear Mom — The actress was a hated female antagonist in Aaron Yan's Fall In Love With Me, but off the screen, she started dating co-star Yang Ming Wei. Both actors went on to Dear Mom, where Beatrice played the daughter who became unexpectedly pregnant in the story. The surprise is that she really was pregnant but no one knew, other than her boyfriend of course.

When her 4-month pregnancy was revealed by tabloid news in early April, Beatrice confirmed the pregnancy and said that she had wanted to avoid distractions by planning to announce after Dear Mom completed. She and Ming Wei also quickly married via registration on April 10, after the same tabloid news warned of further breaking news.

(Guess who's holding the baby in the photo?)

Their baby girl, Mia, was born on August 18. Beatrice celebrated her 25th birthday on December 30, capping a very dramatic year. Husband Ming Wei will next appear on new Taiwanese romcom Bromance.

1. Jay Chou had another secret during his secret wedding — When the famous pop superstar surprised worldwide fans by marrying Hannah Quinlivan in a secret romantic wedding in the historic Selby Abbey in January, he hid another secret, that his bride was already pregnant. He and Hannah confirmed the pregnancy in April, and the precious baby girl arrived on July 10.

They did not reveal the baby's face or name when she was born. Now we know she is named Hathaway Chou, nicknamed Little Chou Chou, and she is as cute as a cookie. (The photos are from November.) Our conclusion is that Jay Chou is a lucky man and a master at keeping secrets.

By the way, Beatrice Fang is best friends with Hanna Quinlivan and attended Hanna and Jay Chou's wedding in England. Some Taiwanese news outlets have speculated that Beatrice was already pregnant too at that time, just like the bride was. What's really amazing is seeing these handsome leading men melt into softhearted dads with their babies.

In case you didn't know, Beatrice Fang's baby was held by Aaron Yan, Beatrice's object of love in Fall In Love With Me.

Are all the Taiwanese stars into secrets and surprises? By contrast, perennial heartbreaker Sunny Wang's surprise was that he proposed to girlfriend Dominique Cai in April and followed through with marrying her in a romantic wedding in Australia on December 27. No baby news, yet! 

Congratulations to all the happy stars and may they continue to bask in the joy of family life.

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