South Korean TV dramas would not be the same without those adorable child stars illustrating the backstories. Viewers even love the occasional school dramas to help them reminisce about their own innocent school days. Today, I have listed a few young actors who have recently caught our attention. Check out some of the child stars we are definitely eager to see in a K-drama next year. 

1. Kim So Hyun

I was blown away by Kim's dual role portrayal in School 2015. The 16-year-old actress is already a veteran! Since she has been acting for 9 years, she can probably help coach older rookie actors on-set.

2. Kim Sae Ron

In 2015, Kim won audiences over with her cute role in the web drama To Be Continued and a dramatic role in MBC's Glamoourous Temptation. After the 15-year-old started co-hosting Music Core with South Korea's new crush Kim Min Jae, I'm sure fans are excited to see what project she will choose next.

3. Kim Yoo Jung

The Love Cells darling started her acting career at age 5 and has been unstoppable ever since! The now-16-year-old actress juggled a movie, drama, and web series this year. What did you think of her adorable role on Love Cells 2

4. Jung Yoo Geun

SHINee's Hello Baby is growing up so fast! Little Yoo Geun is now 8 years old and well on his way to becoming TV drama star. Last year, he acted in three K-dramas, including Blade Man. Since fans haven't seen much of his this year, they are highly anticipating a possible return in 2016.

5. Kang Yi Suk

The 17-year-old talent had roles in a couple of television dramas in 2014, but audiences missed him on-screen this year. He started out in 2006, and he is known for playing a variety of younger versions of main stars like Jin Guk in Dream High

What kind of productions would you like these youngsters to star in next?

Watch Kim So Hyun in School 2015:

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