A Thai food artist is taking food art to a whole new level with her incredible homemade creations of your favorite character in riceballs, toast, curry, dumplings, and a whole lot more. Check out just a handful of her creations and even learn how to make some cute bunny sandwiches!

Nawaporn Pax Piewpun, who goes by the delightful nickname Peaceloving Pax, can make you not want to eat her delicious looking food all because of how amazing she makes it look. Her creations of Totoro riceballs, Angry Bird mashed potatoes, Winnie the Pooh dumplings, and original steam cakes are so perfect it would be hard to eat them without feeling like you were destroying something made with such passion and effort. But of course, food is meant to be eaten, and not doing so would be more insulting than not.

Peaceloving Pax claims that making these creations is really just a stress relief activity for her, but her talent as an artist and her dedication to her craft are unquestionable. To see more of her amazing work, you can visit her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cutefoodies/.

Bon Appétit!

Bob looks delicious, not despicable!

Angry Bird mashed potatoes on avocado spread

Totoro peanut butter toast for breakfast

Winnie the Pooh dumplings

Superhero bread with matcha spread

Pikachu riceball

Jaytherabbit (Thai mascot)

Doraemon saves your hunger

Rilakkuma riceball gang

Totoro bento box

And finally . . . time for dessert