It's SHINee time! Now that lead singer Jong Hyun is ready to make his solo debut with BASE on January 12, it may be time to take a walk down memory lane. He and his boy group SHINee have contributed to so many K-drama OSTs over the years collectively and as solo artists.  

Below are some of the outstanding singles to hit listeners' ears over the years:

1. Let's start with Jong Hyun's upbeat "She" for  Birth of a Beauty

2. Tae Min killed it with "Steps" for  Prime Minister and I

3. SHINee's claim to fame can be partially attributed to  Boys Over Flowers' "Stand By Me" 

4. Don't forget "Bodyguard" for the same BOF K-drama

5. The Prosecutor Princess single "Fly High" will always be a fan favorite.

6. Jong Hyun's powerful vocals on  City Hunter's "So Goodbye" was amazing!

7. SHINee sang three different versions of "Haru" for the Haru soundtrack. There was an original, rock and Christmas version. 

Which one is your favorite? Are there any songs you would add to the list? 

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