The Package, the show I'm most excited about at the moment, dropped two new OST music videos over the weekend: The Ade’s "Unreal" and John Park’s "Fateful Love." These two follow B1A4’s "You Are My Baby," which they revealed a week earlier. We love that the song titles match Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee’s destined love! All three videos feature footage of breathtaking sceneries of France and The Package cast, laced with the beautiful voices of the respective artists. Check out The Package soundtrack music videos below!

John Park’s "Fateful Love":

The Ade’s "Unreal":

B1A4’s "You Are My Baby":

The Package episode 5 airs this Friday. Read more about the show here.


The Package

Starring Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee

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