It's Not Easy Being King has become a breakout success! At first look, the story of a king who ends up swapping bodies with a chef might seem like a long shot, but it has succeeded in winning hearts and getting a lot of laughs along the way. it's rare to find a historical drama that fuses fantasy, romance, and hilarious modern comedy. Here are some interesting things to know about the little drama that has become a popular hit, especially about the king who realizes it isn't easy to find true love.

1. Did you know King Ji Man is a real historical figure? 

Ji Man lived over 3,000 years ago and became King Mu of the Western Zhou dynasty in ancient China. He was probably the oldest living crown prince ever (except for the modern British Prince Charles), as he ascended the throne when he was already 50 years old. Luckily, he got to rule for 55 years. 

2. King Ji Man really did meet the Queen Mother of the West.

According to historical archives, the king encountered the Queen Mother of the West on the mythical Mount Kunlun, during one of his quests into western regions of his empire. It is also documented that the king welcomed the divine guest to his palace in the 17th year of his reign.

3. In the drama, the body swapping between the king and his favorite chef occurred during a solar eclipse. 

Surprisingly, one of the earliest recorded solar eclipses occurred on June 5, 1302 BC, according to a NASA scientists who analyzed ancient Chinese inscriptions on turtle shells.

4. Did you know Zhang Yi Jie is only 18? 

Zhang Yi Jie just celebrated his 18th birthday on September 2. He has proved to be the perfect actor to play the king whose body was occupied by Da Xi, the female chef. 

5. You can next find Zhang Yi Jie as a fearsome villain in Memory Lost. Read more about the mystery romance HERE

Memory Lost will premier on DramaFever on Monday, October 9, with one new episode each weekday. The popular drama has three seasons, each with 12 episodes. Add it to your queue now!


Memory Lost - 美人为馅

Starring Yang Rong and Bai Yu

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Have you enjoyed watching the very creative and hilarious It's Not Easy Being King?


It's Not Easy Being King - 大王不容易

Starring Zhao Yi Qin and Bai Lu

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