Misty, the brand new K-drama with a suspenseful story of passion and crime, intrigued us as soon as we heard about the top-star billing of Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee. Let's find out more.

1. Kim Nam Joo returns to drama after 6 years. Among her famous dramas are Queen of Reversals, Queen of Housewives, and My Husband Got a Family. She won multiple Best Actress awards for all three dramas.


Queen of Reversals

Starring Kim Nam Joo and Jung Joon Ho

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2. Ji Jin Hee rose to fame in the famous Jewel in the Palace (aka Dae Jang Geum) that unleashed a huge Korean Wave. He has played very diverse roles, such as multiple romantic leading man (Second to Last Love, Snow Lotus Flower), a Joseon king (Dong Yi), a vampire villain (Blood) and more.

3. It's the first time that the two famous stars are acting as a couple in the same drama. Ji Jin Hee previously appeared in a cameo role in Kim Nam Joo's romantic comedy My Husband Got a Family as a priest.

3. Both Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee enjoy marital bliss in real life.

Ji Jin Hee's wife is a non-celebrity. Kim Nam Joo is married to another famous Korean star, Kim Seung Woo (Hotelier, IRIS, How to Marry a Perfect Neighbor).

4. Even the second female lead is happily married in real life. Actress Jun Hye Jin is married to popular leading man Lee Sun Gyun (Coffee Prince, Pasta).

5. How do veteran actors keep their acting fresh for a new story?

Just take a look at how they maintain their professionalism during their first script reading:

6. The drama has plenty of steamy scenes. This behind-the-scenes clip includes one where Go Joon (Save Me) forces a kiss on Kim Nam Joo's character:

No wonder the compelling story of a successful anchorwoman (Kim Nam Joo) who faces a murder charge and needs help from her estranged husband (Ji Jin Hee) is fast gaining viewers' interest.

The new drama just began its simulcast on DramaFever on Friday, February 2. Catch up on the first two episodes now!

* Note: Viewer discretion recommended. The drama is rated 19+ in South Korea.

Are you ready for the thrilling romantic mystery? I already can't wait for the new episodes.

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