On May 15, A Poem a Day officially ends, however, the love and laughs will stay with us forever. There are just a few things we hope happens within the last two episodes to give us the perfect K-drama closure. Take a look at 5 plot twists viewers are anxious to see materialize.

1. Dr. Ye Jae Wook's proposal.

Now that he sees he has stiff competition for Dr. Woo Bo Young's heart, Dr. Ye will have to take their relationship to the next level. Her former college crush, Shin Min Ho, already told Dr. Ye he can't accept their relationship. Will he try to steal her away and succeed? I believe her love for Dr. Ye is so strong she wouldn't even be tempted to go back to Min Ho if he proposed marriage.

2. Shin Min Ho's maturity.

Early in the series, the audience saw how much of a spoiled brat Min Ho was, but we started feeling sorry for him when we realized his parents favored his brother over him. However, it doesn't give him the right to treat Dr. Woo and Dr. Ye so poorly, because he's jealous of their relationship. Min Ho had his chance to date Dr. Woo in college. Since he lost his golden opportunity, he needs to grow up and move on with his life.

3. Dr. Park Shi Won and Dr. Kim Yoon Joo finding happiness in their lives.

As the series progressed, we learned that Dr. Park has a wife and kids, but he's unable to make enough money to supply their needs. Dr. Kim, on the other hand, chose to divorce her husband, because she couldn't physically give him any children. We are rooting for them to eventually find contentment. Hopefully, Dr. Park and his wife will land high paying jobs or start their own business, and Dr. Kim is given the opportunity to remarry and start adopting children with her new husband.

4. We want Kim Dae Bang to make up his mind!

His indecisive ways have made for some hilarious moments over the past couple of months, but now it's time for him to get a little more serious about life in general. He should start making more important decisions like marriage and his future career plans. He runied two potential relationships, because he couldn't make up his mind.

5. We are anxious for Kim Nam Woo to find his own path to success.

Throughout the whole series, he constantly reminisced about how rich his family was 10 years ago. He's been sulking ever since and seem to hold onto that designer alligator shirt for dear life. Viewers are looking forward to the day he lands his dream job in the medical field and becomes even more successful than his parents were. Hopefully, he and his girlfriend can get back together too.

What are you dying to see in the finale next week?

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A Poem a Day

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