On Thursday, My Mister ends its 16 episode run. The raw and emotional K-drama placed a spotlight on forgiveness and unconditional love over the past two months. Several characters in the show learned to love themselves and others, while some of our main stars (for example: Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An) learned the true meaning of compassion and love. There are just a few things viewers probably want to see in the finale to make our K-drama journey complete.

1. Park Dong Hoon's love confession.

It's become crystal clear by now that Dong Hoon won't be having an affair on his wife. Despite his wife's betrayal, he's dedicated to his family. However, his bond with Lee Ji An has only grown stronger as the weeks have flown by. She is his unofficial best friend, and it's about time he told her how much she means to him. He genuinely cares for her. Something tells me that if he had met her first in life, they would have definitely been soulmates.

2. Do Joon Young's firing.

He is the definition of the word villain! From having an affair with a co-worker's wife to cheating to score a director's position, he has done nothing but evil since episode one. Viewers would love nothing more than to see justice prevail by having him leave the company for good.

3. Peace for Jung Hee and Sang Won.

Whether they get back together or not, we just want to see these two enjoying their lives without regretting their past decisions Hopefully, they will both embark on their journey to happiness very soon.

4. Ki Hoon popping the question.

The youngest brother's relationship started off as chaotic as they come. The misunderstandings between he and actress Choi Yoo Ra were maddening! Thankfully, they were both able to be more honest with each other as time went by, and now they are each other's biggest support system. They are so comfortable around each other, and Yoo Ra adores his family. So why not get married?

5. Park Sang Hoon and his wife getting back together.

Their separation has lasted long enough! Since Sang Hoon and his brother are dedicated to their new cleaning business and his wife comes to all the family gatherings, it seems only right for these two to start living together again. The attachment is still there. Sang Hoon's wife needs to acknowledge his steps toward a more responsible life and give him a second chance.

What are you dying to see in the finale this week?

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