Lost Love in Times has quickly risen to be a hit drama for Chinese and international viewers. The thrilling fantasy drama is directed by the director Yuk-Fan Lam, whose enthralling dramas such as Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms have captivated many viewers across fantasy universes. Here are some other interesting things to know about the new fantasy romance starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan

For instance, there is a connection with Boston!

1. The original novel, Drunk Linglong (aka Drunken Exquisiteness), is written by Shi Siyeh (pen name, literally 14 Nights), a Chinese-American author who was born in China but now resides in Boston, Massachusetts.  


2. The adaptation took 2 years! One main reason is that time-travel plots are strictly frowned upon in China now. Ever since the successful Scarlet Heart won everyone's heart, the authorities have deemed the resulting trend of time-travel stories as treating history with disrespect. For Lost Love in Times, the adaptation team involved the author's participation to make sure she agreed with the necessary changes.

3. Fabulous costumes! It took the costume team 5 months to design and construct the more than 500 armors and 3,000 costumes. No detail was ignored. One of William Chan's costumes took a team of three experienced craftsmen over a month to sew by hand, and just the outer coat weighed almost 30 lbs. And of course, the court ladies and sorceresses all wear gorgeous gowns.

(I'm not sure which specific costume is referred to about William Chan, but here are two impressive outfits for Prince Yuan Ling.)

4. Both Cecilia Liu and William Chan performed many of the actions scenes themselves, with the exception of the most dangerous ones.

5. The butterflies play an active role! If you're watching the drama, you'll know that Cecilia Liu's Qing Chen, the sorceress with amazing powers, uses her golden butterflies almost like tiny drones to detect what's happening elsewhere or to serve as special messengers. The production team held a design contest to vote from among six butterfly designs.

Qing Chen's special golden butterflies also confirm her unique stature among the sorceresses.

6. There are 11 OSTs composed for the drama, and hot singer-lead actor William Chan sings one of the theme songs, "Because of You."

Here's a lovely fan-made video that is accompanied by William singing "Because of You."


Lost Love in Times - 醉玲珑

Starring Cecilia Liu and William Chan

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