The suspenseful thriller Stranger (Secret Forest) captivates viewers' attention from the first moment the drama unfolds. Fans are often glued to the screen for fear of missing a crucial detail. Aside from the riveting plot with the painstakingly constructed layers of deceit, a huge contribution comes from the impressive leading and supporting cast of character actors.

All the characters are robustly created and developed in the stunning plot by scriptwriter Lee Soo Youn, and every one of them is vividly portrayed to perfection by the awesome cast. You can never be sure if a villain is truly the culprit or a good guy is really trustworthy. The gripping story keeps us guessing, and the crime that opens the story keeps leading the investigators into a forest of much bigger secrets.

<Spoiler Alert> I'll try not to reveal spoilers, but if you haven't seen this fantastic drama, you should be aware that I may reveal some information here. 

1. Cho Seung Woo plays Hwang Shi Mok, a steadfast and aloof prosecutor whose surgery from years ago took away his ability to feel emotions. In real life, the successful movie and musical star grew up wanting to be a musical performer. His imposing presence commands our attention even when he isn't in the frame of a shot.

2. Bae Doo Na, the internationally famous Korean model and actress, plays detective Han Yeo Jin, who is often underestimated by her male team members. She is calm under pressure and can find a good way to communicate with victims and suspects. Unexpectedly, she and prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok are brought together to solve a difficult case, and they form an effective team because their strengths complement each other. 

3. Yoo Jae Myung plays Chief Prosecutor Lee Chang Joon who has a lot of secrets. Do you recognize him as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's kind father who fears his wife? The Chief Prosecutor rose in the ranks by marrying a chaebol heiress. Is he content to take orders from his powerful father-in-law, or does he have other ambitions?

4. Yoon Se Ah plays the Chief Prosecutor's elegant heiress wife who has her own secrets, including possibly a heinous crime. The statuesque actress is also the treacherous queen in My Sassy Girl.

5. Lee Joon Hyuk plays a devious prosecutor who would take any side or do anything to survive. It's almost fun to see how scheming he is. By contrast, he was a righteous prosecutor in the Lee Min Ho action thriller City Hunter

6. Shin Hye Sun plays a new prosecutor who has her own hidden agenda. When she offers help, should our leading man trust her? Do you recognize the actress as the woman who unknowingly married the villain in Oh My Ghostess?

7. Choi Byung Mo plays the ruthless Chief of Police who weaves his own web of deceit. Do you remember him as the psychiatrist who tries to help Do Kyung (Eric Moon) decipher his vision in the romantic hit drama Another Oh Hae Young

8. Lee Kyung Young, one of the chief villains in Stranger, just recently appeared in a cameo in The Bride of the Water God as the high priest. The veteran actor definitely has a commanding presence.

As in the analogy of peeling the onion to get to the core or unrolling a skein of yarn to find the start, we learn and understand more of the complex human heart when more truth is uncovered. With such a gripping plot and impressive performances, is there any wonder why Stranger (Secret Forest) is a hit drama in South Korea? It is also gaining praise by international viewers.

If you haven't watched Stranger (Secret Forest), now is the time to experience the suspense in one of the most thrilling dramas.


Stranger (Secret Forest)

Starring Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na

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