Chu Bei Jie (Wallace Chung) and Bai Ping Ting (Angelababy) have enthralled viewers in the very popular historical romance General and I. It' time to share some interesting things about the drama and the stars. For instance, which was the best kiss scene according to the leading couple? Find out the answer and more here.

1. The original novel is based on imagined character in a fictional era.

Although the original novel is a work of fiction, the drama's scriptwriter found a turbulent era in China's history as a suitable backdrop for the drama's adaptation. The warring kingdoms existed in actual history, although the Bai Lan State represents one of several kingdoms during that era. 

2. Author Feng Nong has published several dozens of popular romance novels. General and I is so popular that it even has an anime version.

3. Because of the huge ensemble of characters that traversed in four kingdoms with different custom and costume requirements, the production assembled a team of 700 members to take care of the many artistic details and costume designs for the historical drama.

4. The entire production team consisted of over 1,200 members for the sprawling saga that required outdoor scenes in different parts of China to correspond to the four warring kingdom. The actual filming took 130 days in 2016 but the preparation started long before.

5. Angelababy was pregnant while filming General and I, and she suffered fainting episodes during the filming. 

She later recalled the fainting by saying she didn't know whether it was because of her pregnancy or the heat.

6. Summertime filming was challenging to actors who were heavy clothes for a fictional winter.

Often the temperature inside the studio exceeded 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It certainly wasn't easy for the pregnant Angelababy. It was also a hardship for Wallace Chung who wore layers of heavy armor and was strapped to the hanging wires for hours. Despite the heat, Wallace was such a gentleman that he gave his personal A/C to Angelababy. Many other actors also experienced fainting due to heat. 

7. Wallace Chung said their best kiss scene occurred when Chu Bei Jie lifted Bai Ping Ting up. The two leads also said the scene was the director' idea.

Angelababy's husband, actor Huang Xiaoming, came to visit when they filmed the hot kiss scene.

Can you imagine the pressure?

8. Did you realize Wallace Chung is 42 years old?

If you haven't had a chance to watch the gripping hit drama, now it' a great time to join the leading couple to embark on their journey toward a happy ending!


General and I - 孤芳不自赏

Starring Angela Yeung (Angelababy) and Wallace Chung

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