A Chinese student recently learned the very painful lesson of what happens when you ask for "cooked sushi" at arguably the most famous sushi restaurant in the entire world. When a group of Chinese students went into Sukiyabashi Jiro, (the famed restaurant from the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi) the group ended up arguing with restaurant employees after ordering "cooked sushi."

Instead of trying to reconcile their differences or thinking about the fact that cooked sushi is probably not the best thing you should be ordering from Sukiyabashi Jiro, one student named Chuhan Lin went on the Internet and ranted about what they saw as lackluster service.

After the 23-year-old posted her distaste for the restaurant and their service, she was met with some fierce criticism from netizens for what they saw as a lack of respect for a cultural institution. Chuhan Lin eventually had to take down her initial page of criticism because of the negative comments. Below is her follow-up response on her interactions at the restaurant, and she has since apologized for her behavior.


"At 2:45 p.m., I brought my food to the restaurant again right after it closed. I've received criticism and suggestions from from many people. I stood at the door and said sorry. The person who answered the door was the head of the restaurant. I asked him if he could remember me. He beamed and said yes...

He asked why I didn't eat raw food but still went to a Sushi restaurant.
I said it was because of work. I didn't choose which restaurant we ate at.
He asked why I didn't say sorry for being 40 minutes late.
I said it was my fault. Forgetting to say sorry was my fault too. It's my problem.
He asked why I talked to the staff about having the sushi cooked.

I said because at that moment, I... [post cuts off]"