After you finish getting your decorations and food in order for your annual Halloween bash, it's time to set the playlist! Korean thriller OSTs are a must if you're sick of the standard spooky tunes played year after year. The music list below is filled with haunting tracks aimed at pleasing everyone from the supernatural lovers to hopeless romantics at your party.

1. MC Sniper "Danger"

Let your guests enter the room to this dark song about crime and struggling to become your true self. MC Sniper definitely gave chills to Vampire Prosecutor viewers when they first heard it. 

2. Nam Gyu Ri "Man"

This was the haunting theme song for Nam's horror flick Death Bell. The sad song reminds listeners of heartache after loss. 

3. Inkii "Out Of The World"

Save Me featured this song about being trapped in a nightmare. The right song to get your guests to open up about their own terrifying dreams or ghost stories. 

4. Seo In Guk "No Matter What"

If anyone is struggling with unrequited love, this song illustrates the way they are feeling now and helps them overcome it. It was a must-have in The Master's Sun.

5. Kim So Hyun "Dream"

For the hopeless romantics at your party, don't forget to play Kim's song about wanting to be loved the way you are. Of course, it was her song when she played a spirit in Let's Fight Ghost

6. JK Kim Dong Uk "Circle of Life"

The singer's evocative voice is enough to give anyone the chills. Tunnel used this stirring track to express the emotions Park Gwang Ho went through during his unexpected time-traveling. 

7. Inkii "The One Who Will Leave"

For your partygoers who are always longing for more, this Signal single will be their go-to song. It coveys the emotions of someone who isn't able to let go of a departed soul.  

8. Lydia Lee "Broken"

Experience the terror Jung Hye Jin felt in the Wanted, while she searched for her kidnapped son. Her desire to escape a nightmarish reality was intense, 

9. EXO's Chanyeol and Punch "Stay With Me"

It wouldn't be a Halloween party without a touch of the supernatural. Crank up the volume on another haunting track from the Goblin soundtrack. Who doesn't love Chanyeol's deep and husky voice? Plus, it can be used to encourage your guests to stay a little longer. 

10. Hwanhee "Heartbreaking"

When the night is finally over, you can all shed a tear or two over this sad love song about bidding farewell. It worked wonders for Orange Marmalade.

Which song will you be playing at your upcoming Halloween bash? 

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