Great thrillers can keep you in suspense with a mystery to solve or a villain to catch. It's not just a man's game anymore. The most addictive thrillers on TV feature strong women in the driver's seat–and calling the shots. Take a look at these Asian dramas with strong and fearless female characters, all available to stream right now.

1. Voice - Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) turns grief over her father's murder into action by starting the Golden Time operation to try to stop crimes in progress. She has to battle resistance from within the police department while tracking a vicious serial killer.

2. Stranger (Secret Forest) - Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na) is a no-nonsense detective who is observant and calm under pressure. Together with Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung Woo), a dedicated prosecutor with an aloof personality, they form a fierce investigation team that will get to the bottom of an intricate web of deceit and corruption. 

Famous Korean actress Bae Doona also brings her international stardom to shine more attention to the perfectly crafted suspense thriller.


Stranger (Secret Forest)

Starring Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na

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3. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin - Chinese actress Jiao Jun Yan cut her long hair in order to play Li Da Bao, the forensic investigator with a superb sense of smell and who is not afraid of anything gruesome for her work. 

Interestingly, her character was male in the original novel by the real-life Dr. Qin, but is changed to female in the drama to be in keeping with our current times where more women are choosing non-traditional professions.


Medical Examiner Dr. Qin - 法医秦明

Starring Zhang Ruo Yun and Jiao Jun Yan

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4. When a Snail Falls in Love - Xu Xu (Wang Zi Wen) is petite in stature, introverted in demeanor, but possesses a sharp intellect and tenacious will as a profiler. No wonder team commander Ji Bai (Wang Kai) increasingly relies on Xu Xu to solve difficult crimes. Viewers also love the romantic tension between the two investigative partners.


When a Snail Falls in Love - 如果蜗牛有爱情

Starring Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen

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A strong and fearless female character can also exist outside of crime investigation dramas. In the dark and disturbing story about a religious cult's influence over a family down on its luck, we see a particularly unique heroine.

5. Save Me - Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji), a teenager, witnesses her family's peril under a religious cult's clutch. Although she waits for her friends to rescue her, Sang Mi is the one who has to stay mentally strong against the cult's dangerous tactics while she protects her mother. Not many adults, men or women, can survive what she's been through already.

Which of these dramas have you seen? 

Are there other dramas with a strong female lead that you'd like to add to this list?

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