Taiwanese actor Aaron Yan was all smiles at his event last weekend in Taipei while promoting products for the brand Thermos. He treated fans to an almost three hour fan meeting where he answered questions, prepared some food, and took photos with 50 lucky fans.

As a big Aaron Yan fan myself, I was delighted to get the chance to attend the event in person. Here are six unforgettable moments when he charmed the audience at the Thermos fan meeting!

1. Any time he flashed his smile

Swoon! Aaron’s smile is no joke. He definitely knows how to make a girl's knees go weak! I had thought watching Just You and Fall in Love With Me had prepared me for Aaron's handsome looks, but seeing him in person was an entirely new experience.

2. When he tried to show off his cooking skills

While the event was meant to showcase using Thermos products for cooking, Aaron was quick to admit that his cooking skills are rather limited. Instead he let the guest chef take the lead in preparing the meal while he took care of the shredding and mixing.

The coveted tasting part was given to a few very lucky and happy fans!

3. Fantastic interactions with fans

While the primary purpose of the event was to celebrate the 111th birthday of Thermos, Aaron made sure to make the day extra special for all of his fans that came to support him. He was very quick to give out hugs and handshakes - much to everyone's delight!

50 lucky fans, many of whom waited overnight to take part in the event, even got to take a picture with Aaron Yan. He then signed the polaroid, making for an even more special memory! 

4. Amusing banter with the MC

Aaron was very talkative during the event, maintaining a fun and entertaining dialogue with the host. From joking about the weather to discussing the different and creative ways to use their Thermos products, the audience was filled with smiles and laughter.

5. His heartfelt discussion of social issues

During the media interview segment, Aaron wasn’t afraid to talk about more sensitive issues. He expressed his support for equal marriage rights in Taiwan and also encouraged people to donate blood in light of the horrible tragedy at the water park outside of Taipei. 

I was very impressed by his eloquent and composed responses, especially while he was literally surrounded by reporters!

6. When Aaron showed off his modeling skills

Aaron certainly wan't shy of the cameras and he gave fans plenty of opportunities to take his picture! His different poses and smoldering looks were a joy to photograph!

Overall it was a fantastic event that really showcased Aaron's special charms and inviting personality. I hope you enjoyed the photos and event review! Keep a lookout for his next project - he teased that he should be in a new drama by the end of the year!

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