Kang Hyun Min and Geum Jan Di have a lot in common!

Ahn Jae Hyun openly admitted that his wife Gu Hye Sun helped him prepare for his role as Kang Hyun Min in Cinderella and Four Knights. Since she was the main actress from the K-drama his new series was loosely based on, it made perfect sense that she gave him pointers. The brilliant writers had their own ideas in mind when they gave Hyun Min scenarios that are reminiscent of Gu's character Geum Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers.

Take a look at seven moments Hyun Min had a Geum Jan Di moment in Cinderella and Four Knights.

1.  Kang Hyun Min hid from the public after the video of him getting rejected by Ha Won goes viral. He and Jan Di's personal lives were both exposed to the public. Plus, Jan Di did her best to avoid Joon Pyo after she provoked him.

2. Like Jandi, Hyun Min goes into a deep depression when his life goes awry.

3. Hyun Min was kidnapped by Ha Won to go on vacation with his cousins. Jan Di was abducted by Joon Pyo for a makeover and a F4 trip.

4. He throws a fit when the situation is out of his control. Jan Di was the queen of that!

5. They both face confrontations in unique ways. Hyun Min gives away cars, while Jan Di put ice cream on bullies' clothes and gave them the dry cleaning money.

6. They both changed their love interests as the series progresses. Hyun Min likes Ha Won in the beginning of the show but starts falling for his first love Hye Ji all over again. Jan Di's love for Ji Hoo quickly faded, when she let Joon Pyo into her heart.

7. Hyun Min wants to avoid his first love altogether. Just like Jan Di did in 2009.

Were there anymore Kang Hyun Min moments that reminded you of Geum Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers?

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