After 9 love-filled episodes of My Secret Romance, we can't help but swoon our way through each week. Our heads have been in the clouds since episode 1, but there are only two more weeks of our K-drama crush left! No one is ready to say goodbye. While it's impossible to recount every lovey-dovey scene Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun left us with, we can relive some of those remarkable moments that help make My Secret Romance a love story we can only dream about.

Let's relive several of those heart racing moments now.

1. Their one night stand in Jin Wook's (Sung Hoon) car was so shocking in episode one, but no one could look away. While we were still questioning if this was indeed a typical K-drama, the scene just got steamier and steamier. Nothing was the same after that!

2. That moment when Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun) discovered her boss was her former lover was earth-shattering. Her future at this new company looked very grim. How would he treat a woman who deserted him after their one night stand? 

3. Ji Wook couldn't forget her after three years, and he was dying to know why she left him. He genuinely fell in love with Yoo Mi and wanted her to stay, however, she planned to do everything in her power to make sure he didn't know she was a virgin beforehand. The fact that she fell hard for him was her little secret too.

4. We all held our breath when Jin Wook finally figured out that he was the cause of Yoo Mi's hiccups. Anytime he got too close, her nervous hiccups would flare up. It's too bad she covered up the truth with yet another excuse.

5. Who didn't love when he turned their "required meals" time into a full-blown date on the weekend? She may have cut in short, but his date admission was too sweet!

6. Their first kiss in three years was so special! It was the first time his nutritionist was visiting his home to share a meal with him. When she was ready to help him set the table, he planted his "appetizer" kiss on her.

7. Jin Wook was dying to give his new "unofficial" girlfriend a quick peck on the lips again, so he told little Dong Goo to look the other way so he could give her a sweet kiss.The cutest moment ever!

8. Jin Wook took the audience's breath away when he finally promised to stay by Yoo Mi's side forever. Who doesn't adore a man who is ready to commit? 

9. The moment when "Paderella" gets saved by her boss is classic! Her glamorous evening gown may have been ruined by wine that was spilled, but his words "I can't take my eyes off of you for a single moment" made us swoon. 

10. When Cha Jin Wook was in a playful mood, we couldn't help but laugh at his silly game of keeping the wine bottle from her. The restaurant gave the wine to Lee Yoo Mi to apologize for ruining her dress, while Jin Wook insisted they share by playing a cat-and-mouse game with her. When he finally surrendered, the mood instantly changed from funny to sexy. 

11. Nothing is sexier than confessing by the pool and playing with your lover in the water. Yoo Mi was infuriated with Jin Wook for tricking her into the water with him, however, we still enjoyed their playful couple moment.

12. Day one of dating has started! Following their playful moment and a true heart-to-heart, the highly anticipated make out session began. It was steamy and so worth the wait for those Jin Wook/Yoo Mi shippers. I thought she was never going to accept him until the end of the series. Boy was I wrong!

Which sexy scene in My Secret Romance had your heart racing?  

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