Nearly eight years after his K-Pop debut, SHINee's Onew is finally getting his big break in acting on the hot TV series Descendants Of The Sun. The 26 year-old idol plays the lovable character Lee Chi Hoon on the KBS2 action-thriller. Onew has been growing his immense fandom for almost a decade, and his current TV show is helping his acting career reach Hallyu status. In honor of the "View" singer's devoted fandom, I want to place a spotlight on a few times in history where he had everyone fangirling over him.

1. When he couldn't get a date on SHINee's Yunhanam reality series.

Onew was so adorable and a bit clumsy when he first debuted. Unfortunately, every noona that guest-starred on SHINee's first reality series passed up the opportunity to go on a date with the group's leader. Fangirls probably wanted to give him a virtual hug to console the sweet idol. Thankfully, comedian Park Ji Sun finally chose him during the series finale. 

2. The time he starred in Rock Of Ages.

No one could deny how sexy the idol looked in his Rock Of Ages costume! I don't know if it was the hair or the clothes, but he definitely made ShaWols swoon. Who didn't want to buy a ticket to see the musical live in 2010? 

3. His role on the sitcom Welcome Royal Villa.

Viewers were highly entertained by his portrayal of the lackluster Baek Su in this 2013 series. Onew excelled in the comedy department by co-starring alongside a female ghost. Many were probably jealous of the ghost who shared a room with their idol.

4. Any time his hilarious, yet heartbreaking, Onew condition appeared.

ShaWols have laughed and cried while watching Onew's clumsiness over the years. He has been so awkward at time, it's surreal!

5. When he had throat surgery in 2014.

Fangirls' hearts were broken when the world discovered he had to undergo extensive surgery to remove vocal cord polyps and reconstruction vocal fold mucosa. Onew couldn't talk for months after the operation, and we all wanted to comfort our precious dubu during that difficult time. 

Which moment had you fangirling over Onew the most?

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