Dashing Chinese actor Zhang Ruo Yun plays the eccentric forensics expert in Medical Examiner Dr. Qin. The captivating series is based on real-life experiences from Dr. Qin Ming, who originally thought Zhang Ruo Yun was too handsome to play him. Do you agree? Let's take a look!

Zhang Ruo Yun is certainly one of the hottest young actors in China right now. The 28-year-old actor debuted in 2004 and has steadily taken on more challenging roles and risen in his chosen field. He particularly won recognition in Snow Leopard, New Snow Leopard, Black Fox, and Wu Xin: The Monster Killer. In 2014, he won the "Outstanding Actor of the Year" at the Chinse TV Drama Awards. In 2016, he starred in one movie and five TV dramas, including Medical Examiner Dr. Qin.

Although he is also considered a "flower man," Zhang Run Yun is one of the lucky ones who is naturally charming with a mixture of characteristics that can made him look different in contrasting looks and convey different moods. The camera simply loves him.

1. Looking adorable:


3. Bright:


5. Moody:

6. Dashing:

7. Sexy:

Fans also point to his uniformed looks in period dramas as one of his charms.

8. In The New Snow Leopard:

9. In Wu Xin: The Monster Killer:

10. Sherlock? (Wouldn't that be cool?)

11. As pilot on reality show Top Fly:


13. As Dr Qin, he wears the uniform of a medical examiner who investigates and solves unusual crimes:

14. He'll next play a famous general in history in the costumed drama, The Fated General.

But, just possessing a handsome face and dashing figure isn't all that's needed to make a successful actor. The charismatic leading man is also a talented and hard-working actor. He even wrote the lyrics and sang the theme song, "Immortal," for Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Most importantly, Zhang Ruo Yun has brought the fascinating character of an eccentric and focused forensics expert vividly to life in the crime-mystery drama.

15. Do you think he is too handsome to play Dr. Qin? 

By now the real-life Dr. Qin shouldn't worry that Medical Examiner Dr. Qin might turn out to be an idol drama because of its handsome leading man. As the results have shown, the series has become a smash hit in China based on its combination of the cast, the story, the direction, cinematography, and fast pace. There is even humor interspersed for comic relief. Having a handsome leading man doesn't hurt, but everything else about the drama is what makes it successful. 

Have you had a chance to start on the gripping drama? 


Medical Examiner Dr. Qin - 法医秦明

Starring Zhang Ruo Yun and Jiao Jun Yan

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