Yoon Sang Hyun returns to his chaebol acting roots in Shopping King Louis. The distinguished actor is the shopping king's love rival and a director of a large corporation. On DramaFever, I'm sure you have seen the 43 year-old star take on a variety of roles ranging from the rich bad boy to a timid office worker. He has starred in several productions since his debut in 2005, and I have listed six of the roles you may remember him best on DramaFever.

1. Fireworks 

Yoon Sang Hyun portrayed a bad boy early in his career. He was Shin Na Ra's cruel ex-boyfriend who dumped her for a woman he had an affair with. A seven year relationship meant nothing to Kang Seung Woo!

2. Queen of Housewives

He transformed into a carefree rich guy named Heo Tae Joon who is in love with a very married Chun Ji Ae. He gets everything he wants, so going after her was no problem even though he was hitched too. 

3. Secret Garden

Life imitates art as Yoon took on the role of Hallyu star Oscar. His character's popularity is waning, but he discovers a promising new talent in Han Tae Sun (aka our beloved Lee Jong Suk). Yoon Sang Hyun may have similarities with this character, however, a decline in popularity is not one of them. 

4. Can't Lose 

He accepted the role of a husband named Hyung Woo. Unfortunately, it isn't martial bliss for him and his bride, as they fail to communicate properly after opening a law firm together. Their obstacles after one year of marriage seems like issues you deal with decades down the road. 

5. I Hear Your Voice 

He finally landed the all around good guy role of Cha Kwan Woo. He's a former police officer turned lawyer and a lovable nerd. This time around, Yoon's on-screen rival is his former Secret Garden protege Lee Jong Suk. 

6. Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi

Yoon turned his inner good guy in overdrive for this production! He was a little too nice as the timid office worker Nam Jung Gi. He hid his true feelings so well, it drove Ok Da Jung crazy! 

Which Yoon Sang Hyun K-drama role was your favorite? How would you rate his Shopping King Louis role? 


Shopping King Louis

Starring Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun

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