We all know that moment when your K-drama addiction gets a little bit too real. Your obsession begins to take over every thought and action until your whole life revolves around K-dramas. But don't fear —we've all been there!

Here are 17 times when your K-drama obsession got a too real.

1. When you told yourself "one more episode" five times in a row because the K-drama was calling to you and wouldn't let you go

Drama source: Pinocchio

2. When your neighbor/roommate/parent/sibling had to ask you to keep it down because your squealing and yelling was getting too loud

Drama source: My Love From Another Star

3. When you accidentally called your real-life crush "oppa" to his face

Drama source: Secret Garden

4. When you got caught daydreaming at work or school about your bias

Source: Smoothie King Commercial

5. When you stayed up until 4AM to make sure your couple finally kissed

Drama source: Dream High

6. When you begin to think of the characters as your friends

Drama source: Pinocchio

7. When you think to yourself that your real-life crush would look even more attractive if he dressed like Lee Min Ho oppa

Drama source: City Hunter

8. When you're in the shower and all of a sudden think about how annoyed you were when the second female lead thought she could break up the meant-to-be main couple

Drama source: Scent of a Woman

9. When you forget how to be a human and don't shower for three days because you cannot stop watching your show

Drama source: Coffee Prince

10. When someone says "Wow you must really like those Korean shows..."

Drama source: My Love From Another Star

11. When someone is trying to talk to you but you're too busy watching and obsessing over a drama

Drama source: Master's Sun

12. When your phone battery dies halfway through the day because you spend too much time watching dramas on DramaFever

Drama source: The King of Dramas

13. When even your dog is tired of hearing you gush over how perfect the second-lead is

Drama source: Flower Boy Next Door

14. When the girl chooses the main guy over perfect second lead and your second lead syndrome flares up

Drama source: My Love From Another Star

15. When you told your friends you couldn't hang out because you were really busy but really you just needed to finish the last few episodes of your drama

Drama source: School 2013

16. When you get to the end of a series and cry because you aren't ready to say goodbye to your characters

Drama source: The Moon That Embraces the Sun

17. But then you remember that a new K-drama is airing tomorrow night so you can get obsessed all over again

Drama source: Faith

Yeah, you may be K-drama obsessed, but we all are at DramaFever! So go ahead and watch just one more episode...we won't tell.

Drama source: City Hunter

When has your K-drama obsession gotten too real? Comment down below!

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