T.O.P's military status is currently up in the air as officials scramble to figure out what to do in regards to his recent marijuana conviction at the same time the idol starts walking the road ahead to rehabilitating his public image.

On July 20th, T.O.P received a suspended 10-month jail sentence for using marijuana. Because of his guilty verdict, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department released a statement deeming T.O.P unfit to continue as a conscripted policeman, refusing to allow him to return to his previously held position. They will further review his current situation, of which they are made aware: T.O.P is resting at his home as recommended by a physician, due to a very high level of social anxiety.

As of now, it looks as though a request will be made by the Seoul police to the ROK Army Headquarters for a new position for T.O.P. Once that request gets granted, he will no longer be a conscripted officer, and will either work as a public service social worker or a full-time reserve soldier. At this point, T.O.P seems eager to work diligently and patiently to be accepted by the public and many of his fans.

All anyone can do is root for him and wish him the best.