It used to be that you could tell a TV show's bad guy right away because he looked like a bad guy. Now, there seems to be a growing trend where crime dramas feature a handsome actor as the villain. Perhaps it's meant for the surprise factor, or maybe it's intended to caution against trusting people blindly. Here are some Korean dramas with handsome villains.

1. DuelYang Se Jong didn't just play a villain, he played both the good and bad clones in this tense thriller.

2. Voice - Handsome Kim Jae Wook from Coffee Prince did a great job as the ruthless villain in this thrilling drama. Hope he gets a romantic role next.

3. Love in Trouble (aka Suspicious Partner) - The crimes throughout the entire series linked the two lead characters, played by Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun), in romantic entanglements, and also shined a light on Dong Ha, whose poignant performance elicited unexpected sympathy.


Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner)

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

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4. Lookout - Adorable Park Solomon succeeded in his villainous role because people around his character couldn't believe that he could commit such terrible crimes.



Starring Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang

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On a lighter note,

5. Squad 38Seo In Guk is the all-too-handsome swindler forced to help a special police team to solve crimes. Would you be able to resist his charms?

Do you have other dramas to add to this list?

Who is your favorite handsome villain?

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