Tiara: Welcome back to school, Twenty Again Drama Club. It’s that time of the year where all the kids head back to school and our cast is no different. Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. It’s time for many of our characters to begin a new chapter in their life. We have much to talk about with meeting past loves, divorce, and of course going back to school. Grab your pencils and book as Amy, Marakeshsparrow, and I get this started.

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Tiara: Alright ladies, how was the first week of school?

Marakeshsparrow: Oh dear. The first two days of school were pretty painful. Who knew once you hit 38 you instantly become an outcast and laughing stock to basically everyone in university. Sigh. I felt really bad for Ha No Ra in pretty much every way. Her husband is a total JERK FACE, her son is a brat, and now that she’s finally doing something to further her education everyone treats her like she’s a nutcase. //clucks tongue// Is 38 really that old people?

Amy: Yeah. It wasn’t that bad for me when I went back to school at 30. People were being extremely cruel. Don’t forget that she thinks she is dying too. She is under way too much stress. It’s a wonder she hasn’t just collapsed under it all. No Ra is super strong for not only charging ahead but also starting something new.

Tiara: It’s interesting how it seems unnatural for someone who’s over twenty going back to college. For most of us, it’s not uncommon to see someone older heading back to school. Heck, it’s a tad cheaper for college when you’re over a specific age. However, No Ra has some hard times ahead of her, but I’m glad she wants to do the thing she wasn’t able to do because of getting married and having a kid. Her family life has caged her in. I can’t wait for No Ra to really break out. Her soon to be ex-husband is a piece of work and her son isn’t any better.

Marakeshsparrow: What I find intriguing is that with her family she is so meek, such a pushover--no wonder they don’t respect her and walk all over her! Yet with other people she can actually stand up for herself and let a little bit of that spunkiness from her youth surface. I can’t wait for that to bleed over into her family life so she can put her husband and her son in their place and show she’s not somebody to be messed with!!! (Really hoping that’s what happens anyway…)

Amy: I liked that we already saw little peaks of her personality shining through when she would do something unexpected by her husband. His shocked face showed that it was out of the norm for here. I’m hoping she just snaps one day and really lays it into him. He needs to learn a lesson. Her son needs to learn a lesson too and I’m not so sure about that girl of his.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG that girl! She seems like a little devil in disguise. Maybe she’ll turn out to be ok, but there are some major warning signs. The way she reacts to Ha No Ra. The way she demands her boyfriend’s attention like a child. Ugh. Don’t like.

Tiara: The real No Ra comes out when she’s around Cha Hyun Suk. I’m actually looking forward to these two fighting more. I really can’t be overly annoyed with Hyun Suk’s attitude towards her. He has been holding in his hurt heart for over twenty years. I enjoy seeing this adult professor act like a child when he’s around his first love. His pettiness is very entertaining.

Marakeshsparrow: Agreed! I knew there was something to their past when they first met and he got all flustered. I love how she’s oblivious to it, but he was heart-broken by her actions. I think I would have been too! The girl you love suddenly disappears and you hear she’s married, pregnant and flying off to Germany??? Yeah, I’d be a bit upset. I really enjoyed the flashback moments to when they were young. That scene where teenage Hyun Suk was just learning the news really got to me! I could definitely feel his pain. Poor kid. RE: Professor Hyun Suk acting like a kid when he’s around No Ra--one of my favorite moments in these first two episodes is when he rode by her on his bike and knocked her hat off. Hahaha! Totally made me think of how little boys pick on the girls they like. Too cute.

Amy: I’ve been the one left behind as a teenager and it really does hurt. Especially when you’re a teenager and your emotions are escalated anyway. I can see where he is coming from. I really appreciate how Hyun Suk brings out No Ra’s personality. I’m totally over her husband and don’t even want to see him anymore. He has my permission to completely exit although I know that won’t happen. No Ra needs to remove the veil from her eyes.

Tiara: At this stage, we don’t know how No Ra felt about Hyun Suk in high school. Considering his artistic side, he probably dramatized his relationship with No Ra more than it really was. It’s a relationship, it seems we will have to wait and watch how it was back then and going forward. I can’t wait. I’m right there with you Amy on her husband/ex. Heck, his new girlfriend happens to be a Professor of marriage and family living and is technically with a man who is still married. Yeah, this will be an interesting class.

Marakeshsparrow: Since No Ra is so clueless I’m thinking this was totally a one sided love. Hyun Seok probably never even let on how he felt about her, expecting she’d wait around for him to get the courage. Alas--things don’t always go how you plan them. I’m thinking now there is a chance for some real romance though! He already appreciates her in a way her own family never has. She needs someone like that. I’m really excited to see how their relationship plays out now that they’re both older and know (more or less) what they want.

Amy: I’m curious about what will happen when Hyun Suk finds out that No Ra is “dying”. Hee hee hee! I think that it will be quite entertaining. I was so mad when No Ra tried to tell her husband and he just said that everyone dies once. Even if he does consider her an ex there should be a little bit of affection left over. Grrrrrr.

Tiara: Hyun Suk will be carrying her books and assisting her to class once he finds out she is “dying”. Her hubby and son, no so much. Those two just take No Ra for granted, it actually makes me want to hurl things at both of them. Speaking of her cancer, it’s going to be fun to watch how this unfolds, but I might throw my computer if she keeps on losing her phone. She’s got a new number which means this “dying” thing is going to continue for a while. Can we please be done with her miss placing her phone?

Marakeshsparrow: Ok, 1) Can we seriously nickname her husband Jerkface? Because there were so many moments when I just wanted to slap him! Hahaha and 2) YES--the fact that she lost her phone bugged me too, even though I think it only happened once. But I think what really kind of annoyed me is that she seems so out of touch with everything. Has she literally not left the kitchen in the 20 years she was raising her son? Why did she become so stodgy so fast? I guess this shows that she really was beaten into submission by the demands of her family without any time for herself, but I find it so frustrating! She doesn’t have a phone, she dresses like a secretary from 1991 on her first day of class and seems so lost all the time. I know she’s got that feisty personality underneath it all though. Seriously cannot wait for her to come into her own.

Amy: She did have a phone but someone stole it when she was spacing out at the bus stop after her diagnosis. I am hoping that the girl who returned her phone the second time will befriend her and her son because she seems like a good egg. I was wondering how she is so out of touch too. I think it is a combo of trying to be the wife she thinks that her husband wants and the lack of communication between her and her son. She would be more up to date if those two actually had a conversation.

Tiara: I really wanted to give No Ra a hug and take her under my wing. She’s been a housewife for so many years trying to be a good wife for the Jerkface. He’s kept her from experiencing the external universe. I’m hoping she puts him in his place for the wrongs he has done to her. Fingers cross some of her classmates befriending her soon and get her away from the ex for good.

Marakeshsparrow: I think once some of her classmates see her dance (partner in marriage and family living class--I’m looking at you!) they will start to see how awesome she actually is. And it’s so clear that her heart still lies with performance. I hope she gets more involved with the performing arts program because I think she would really start to blossom!

Amy: I am hoping for the same thing! I got so excited when she signed up for a theater class because she obviously loves performance. She just needs to rid herself of the bad influence of her husband and let her real self free.

Tiara: Over all, the first week of school is always hard. For No Ra, it’s a different world. A housewife for twenty years, she’s got a lot to learn about the world, but also about herself. Her family has prevented her from being true to herself for years. Her world has been about taking care of her family. I can’t say I was happy with her reason for working so hard for going back to school at first. I understand she wants to impress her husband and win his affections, but it’s a little late. I wished she wanted to go back to school to change and learn to finally let go of her husband. I’m not a big fan of the cancer trope however it’s a good macguffin to get No Ra where she needs to be back into Hyun Suk’s life. Between College and her old schoolmate, the No Ra from twenty years ago just might be found once more. A swell beginning to an interesting series. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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