The drama universe has blessed us with wonderful romantic stories. Full of sexy, rebel gentleman and fair damsels who may, or may not, be in distress. We feel their romantic tension as they face their growing feelings, and when they can no longer hold it in, we get that moment that we have waited 8 to 10 episodes for, when one or both characters can no longer hide their feelings and they have to let the other person know how they feel, and we get...The Kiss.

That moment can be either glorious for the Kdrama viewer or a complete dud. It can be the cutest moment you’ve ever seen or you wonder if maybe the police should be called. Lets take a look at 10 different types of kisses Kdrama’s have to offer.

1. The Props Kiss.

Also called the indirect kiss.   By using props, the lips can stay innocent while feelings are expressed. Gum, drinks, or even fingers can block the lips while the kiss still takes place.  In this scene in Pinocchio, her Dad just can't handle the idea that they might actually kiss for real.  We get a great kiss scene because of it. 

2. Lip Touch

Often seen in teen dramas, the lip touch is usually a first kiss. Unsure of how much passion is okay, our characters tentatively touch their lips together and then get shy. When the adults do this kiss, however, we just want to throw something at the screen.  This kiss in High School-Love On had the benefit of being both a prop kiss and a lip touch. 

3. Sweet as Candy

This is a lot like the lip touch kiss except there is actual pressure involved. Its sincere, sweet and both of our lovers are delighted that the desire of their heart is acknowledging their feelings. This kiss from My Love from Another Star is so sweet that you just might need to see a dentist afterwards.

4.The Shocked Kiss.

Often nicknamed the Park Shin Hye kiss, this is when our female character gets a kiss she was not expecting and has no clue how to respond. Eyes wide, lips tightly closed. She is unsure whether to kiss back or deck the guy, so instead, she does nothing. This is only the beginning of the Heartstrings that get tugged on. 

5. The Assault.

This kiss happens when our protagonist is angry or jealous out of his mind. There is no sweet lead in. He’s out to claim his girl in a burst of frustrated energy and he fully deserves more than the slap he’ll get afterwards.  Of course, than there is Yo Na in Kill Me, Heal Me....

LOL!!  Oh my gosh, Yo Na's a riot. Poor, poor Ri On. 

6. The Trip

We all know how our Damsels love their high heeled shoes.  There is nothing like a good 4 inches of twisted ankle destruction to break that icy barrier between a reserved couple.  We won't go into the astronomical good fortune of always falling exactly where lips can touch that could lead you into becoming the Bride of the Century

7. The Chicken

This is the kiss guaranteed to make the kdrama addict howl in frustration. This prelude to a kiss has all the sexual tension and buildup but they chicken out at the last minute. There is no follow through, there is no satisfaction. My favorite reaction to this wimp of an almost kiss happened in Kill Me, Heal Me.

8. The Surprise

This kiss starts off much like the Shocked kiss. Although they will be surprised that they are being kissed, instead of standing there frozen by inaction, they will eventually melt into this kiss and enjoy themselves.  These two in It's Okay, That's Love are just too cute together. 

9.  The Passion

This kiss is the kiss we all root for. Both of our lovers are happy, involved and lips are actually moving. This kiss is the payoff we’ve usually been waiting 10 or more episodes for. If we are really lucky you will even see some obvious tongue action going on. The true kdrama addict will not only have her bias list of actors they will watch, but a separate bias list of actors/actresses who they enjoy watching kiss as well. If you ask nicely, I might even share mine. Hint...Choi Jin Hyuk IS on the list. 

10. Yes, we are adults

This is the gold unicorn of kdrama kisses. There is only one thing that is going to happen when THIS kiss shows up. And if we’re lucky, we’ll get some chocolate abs to boot.  Heartless City keeps it hot for us. 

Now I think I need to go find someone to kiss, myself.   What are some of your favorite types of kdrama kisses?  Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses to watch kiss? 

Wendilynn K is co-blogger of the blog As the Kimchi Turns. She is on the drama clubs for Dear Mom and Orange Marmalade. She's also a member of the Dramafever video drama club. You can catch her past DCs here.