Ji Soo is the hottest cop in the popular JBTC series Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) isn't the only crushing hard on In Gook Do (Ji Soo). Viewers can't get enough of him! At this point, we don't know who we should be shipping him with. Before you figure out who deserves our precious Ji Soo, let's take a look at 10 of his Instagram photos that started our infatuation.

1. Ji Soo's grunge concept looks so good on him.

2. It's snuggle time! Do you want to take a nap with oppa? 

3. He is incapable of taking a bad headshot! All of these photos are 100%.

4. His Valentine's Day greeting brought a smile to everyone's face. 

5. If there is a sexiest man of 2017 award, he deserves it!

6. It's just a typical day where Ji Soo can't take his eyes off you. 

7. Are you ready for a stroll with Mr. Sexy?

8. They always say the suit makes the man, but Ji Soo makes the suit! 

9. Relax, Ji Soo has breakfast covered! He can't wait to wine and dine you.

10. This is such a touching mother and son moment. He knows how to treat his mom right with international trips.

Which Ji Soo photo gives you butterflies? 

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Image Credit: Ji Soo's Instagram 


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