SHINee's Jonghyun was an icon in K-Pop. The shocking news of his sudden passing is still unbelievable. Like everyone else, I adore all the SHINee members and thought every one of them had so much to offer in the entertainment industry. I longed for the day Jonghyun would star in his very own K-drama. The 27-year-old star was blessed with immeasurable talent! His music spoke to us, and soothed out souls. We will forever be grateful to him for the legacy he has left. Today, let's honor his memory by reminiscing about 7 songs that touched our souls. 

1. "Deja Boo" (2015)

Who didn't have this song on repeat when it was first released? Rapper Zion T joined him to help kick off his solo debut in 2015. The album BASE, which the song is from, went on to top the Billboard World Albums chart and ranked number 20 on Billboard's Heatseekers. 

2. "Hallelujah" (2015)

He marveled at the beauty of his lover in this single from the same successful BASE album.  

3. View (2015)

His single kicked off promotions for the SHINee Odd album that would top charts in South Korea and the USA. It also re-introduced them to the American audience prior to their string of American shows the following two years. 

4. Odd Eye (2015)

He wrote the lyrics with fellow SHINee member Key and made everyone fall in love with this incredibly sexy track. It was also a part of SHINee's Odd album. 

5. "She Is" (2016)

Following SHINee's first USA fanmeeting, he released this gem. His pink hair made the song about falling in love even more special. She Is is also the only solo studio album he released.

6. "Lonely" (2017)

This spring, he and Girls Generation member Taeyeon sang about feeling depressed in a relationship and being unable to truly open up to their partner.

7. "Obsession" (2010)

He started composing songs early in his career. This heartbreaking love song in particular was a part of the original soundtrack for the 2010 action film The Warrior's Way

These are just a few of the many songs he created during his 9 year career. May he rest in peace. Which Jonghyun song will you cherish forever?  


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