Child stars are the future of K-dramas, and we love to see the talented youngsters in their early roles. This year, we were entertained by a host of young talent in a variety of productions. From Oh My Guem Bi to Hip Hop Teacher, audiences were in awe by how gifted each star was at such an early age. Let's remember some of the best child stars of the year now.

1. Heo Jung Eun

The star of Oh My Guem Bi stole the show with her incredibly mature acting skills. Viewers were blown away by her portrayal of an ailing child. It was the 10-year-old's first leading role in a career that already includes almost 20 projects.

2. Joo Sang Hyuk

This precious 4-year-old boy played the mystery child in My Secret Romance. You couldn't help but smile when the main cast interacted with him. Throughout the entire series, the viewers were dying to know who his on-screen parents were.

3. Jo Yeon Ho

The 7-year-old actor gave us a glimpse of the eternal bond that existed between our main couple in Fight My Way. We saw Ko Dong Man was a somewhat awkward child who was always a cute little troublemaker. The young star was also a supporting cast member in Person Who Gives Happiness and Borg Man.

4. Lee Han Seo

We met tomboy Choi Ae Ra through this 8-year-old actress. Lee's portrayal proved that Ae Ra was always a fighter and was meant to be Ko Dong Man's partner for life. She was adorable in Fight My Way. You also remember her as the feisty Mal Sook in The Best Hit, and she even was an extra in Goblin.

5. Choi Ro Woon

He played the upbeat and energetic prince in My Sassy Girl. The 10-year-old was a supportive little brother to his big sister and devoted to his stepmom inside the palace walls. His impressive K-drama resume (which includes almost 20 titles plus movies) proves he is one to look out for in the near future.

6. Jung Da Bin

In My Sassy Girl, the 17-year-old darling played the shrewd Gyun Hee. The nosy little sister was a necessary comic relief in the rom-com that turned more dramatic as the series progressed. The young acting veteran also had a supporting role in Rebel: Thief of the People

7. Park A Rin

This little baby boy was cast as the main couple's child, Choi Seo Jin, in Go Back Couple. His sweet face is unforgettable, and I'm sure we'll see him in many more productions in the coming years. 

8. Park Min Soo

The 10-year-old talent not only showed off his rap skills in Hip Hop Teacher, the experienced child star was also a part of the Oh My Guem Bi cast. This year was obviously his multi-tasking year, because he juggled school, two shows and the summer thriller film A Day.

9. Han Byul

She was the standout dancer in Hip Hop Teacher, and one of the young beauties of elementary school. She was even a contestant on K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance. This 11-year-old is just getting started, but I wouldn't rule out a music career in her near future.

Was there an adorable child star you hope to see on-screen again next year? 


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