The world loves K-pop! Over the years, music lovers from all over the world have gravitated toward the catchy and colorful genre of K-pop. YouTube has been really instrumental in getting the best music videos to the masses. In return, fans have done their best to cover their favorite songs in Korean and English to show love for their idols. Here are seven videos that have stood out among the rest because of the artists' talent and the amount of love they received from fellow fans. 

1. Jayesslee (Wonder Girls "Nobody")

The Australian YouTubers have been covering a variety of genres for years. Among their gospel and pop music covers, they have caught the attention of K-pop music lovers by singing a few hits from South Korea. Their sweet version of Wonder Girls' popular single actually received 8 million views!

 2. Pumashock (Girls Generation's "Gee")

The American cover artist was actually invited to perform on Star King after her cover of GG's song went viral. She filmed a coffee commercial and participated in MBC's Star Audition.

3. JD Relic (G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker")

After his English version of G-Dragon's solo song went viral, he was recruited to be a songwriter by hitmaker Marcan Entertainment. 

4. Jason Ray (EXO's "Growl")

The American R&B and pop artist has been giving his viewers unique English versions of the hottest K-Pop songs for quite awhile. One of his most popular covers was EXO's "Growl."

5. Daeho and Jungmin (EXO's Call Me Baby")

This version is so smooth and pleasing to the ears! They turned the hot pop song into an amazing soulful track that borders jazz. Over 800,000 viewers have fallen in love with this rendition since last year. 

6. Megan Lee (IU's "Good Day")

Almost a million music lovers have viewed the Make It Pop star's cover of IU's classic hit. The former idol stayed true to the tune and arrangement, but her bubbly personalty made it Megan Style.

7. Korean student (Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips")

Nearly a million viewers also tuned into a "Cute Korea Student" singing a BIGBANG member's hit single. She did very well considering it was done live in a classroom. She didn't even need a studio setting to make her vocals sound good.

Which one was your favorite cover?

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