Jung Yong Hwa finished an amazing concert in Taiwan on June 20th, performing for more than 4,000 excited fans at his One Fine Day show in Taipei. His fantastic vocals and endless energy made for an unforgettable night filled with a great mix of Yong Hwa's solo tracks along with some of CNBLUE's hit music.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to attend the concert as the date overlapped with my summer in Taiwan. Let me share with you some of my favorite moments and photos from this amazing concert!

1. Excellent musical performances by Yong Hwa

Rightfully so, the music really was the highlight of the concert. Yong Hwa’s voice was magical, transporting the audience into a K-pop fantasyland for more than two hours. With a live band to back him up, Yong Hwa nailed his high notes and really owned his performance from beginning to end.

Just look at that intensity! While hair got progressively wet throughout the show, this only added to the thrilling atmosphere.

Yong Hwa played almost all of his songs from his One Fine Day album, including the tracks "Goodnight Lover," "Mileage," "27 Years," and "Energy." He also did a wonderful performance during the encore of his first single "You, My Star," much to the delight of the audience.

 2. Yong Hwa's quirky dance moves

While I already knew that Yong Hwa was an incredibly talented singer, I had no idea he also has some very quirky dance moves go with his great voice! Yong Hwa looked liked he was enjoying himself 110% during his concert, and his unique moves certainly supported my conclusion. 

His uninhibited moves along with his infectious smile were a complete joy to watch!

3. JJ Lin's special appearance for "Checkmate"

Singaporean singer JJ Lin made a special appearance during the show to support Yong Hwa at his solo concert. They showed off their strong friendship during the show by performing their exciting collaborative track “Checkmate.”

You can watch a the video of their performance below.

4. Yong Hwa's surprise birthday celebration

JJ Lin also helped Yong Hwa celebrate his upcoming birthday by surprising him with a giant birthday cake and singing a wonderful rendition of "Happy Birthday" in Korean! As per Taiwanese tradition, Yong Hwa announced two of his birthday wishes to the audience and then told JJ Lin his secret third wish. It was great to see their close friendship on stage! 

5. The playful introduction of Yong Hwa's backup band

While this was Yong Hwa’s solo concert, he also had an excellent five-member band along with two backup singers to support him during the show. Yong Hwa playfully went to each band member and introduced them to the audience.

The introductions went like this:

1. Yong Hwa asks the band member "Are you happy?" and they would try to reply in English.

2. The band member would then show off musical skills with a solo number. 

3. Yong Hwa would sing, dance, and even scream along to their jam. His quirky dancing was in full swing during this segment!

Since I can't quite describe just how adorable, yet strange Yong Hwa's introductions were, check out this video below of the last few band members!

6. Exciting renditions of many CNBLUE hits

While this was Yong Hwa’s solo concert, he certainly didn’t forget his CNBLUE roots. The first CNBLUE song up was a moving version of “Like a Child,” where Yong Hwa started by playing the familiar melody alone on his keyboard. 

I was also extremely excited when Yong Hwa played my favorite CNBLUE song “I’m Sorry.” While the songs weren’t quite the same without the rest of the CNBLUE members, it was still wonderful to hear them in person!

7. Yong Hwa’s adorable English and Chinese

“Are you happy?” and "Are you having fun?" seemed to be Yong Hwa’s favorite phrases of the night! He especially loved using them when he went around introducing the band, asking each one of them this question (much to their chagrin since they didn’t really want to speak English).

Yong Hwa also did a great job testing out his Chinese! While there was a translator, Yong Hwa really tried to communicate with his fans using an adorable mix of English and Chinese. I was thoroughly impressed!

8. Yong Hwa's endless energy, excitement, and dedication to his fans

Not only was Yong Hwa throughly enjoying himself on stage, but he was also giving 110% of his energy to his performance. Song after song, he maintained his energetic and captivating stage presence.

I especially loved how he went out of his way to interact with his fans. From his delightful banter on stage to even running down the middle aisle during the encore (that's where he got his glorious birthday hat!), Yong Hwa really made this concert a unique and personalized event.

As I mentioned before, the music as well as the production quality was fantastic. It was amazing to see Yong Hwa perform his One Fine Day album as well as some CNBLUE tracks for his fans.   

It truly was an unforgettable night!

Thanks for following along as I recounted my Yong Hwa concert experience! I hope you enjoyed the photos and the review! If you get the chance to see Yong Hwa or CNBLUE in concert in the future, I definitely recommend that you go. You won't regret it!

Watch Yonghwa in his cute series Heartstrings:

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