"What's a pretty girl like you doing selling cars?" When asked that question by a macho man looking to buy a pickup truck in a Malaysian showroom, all racecar driver Leona Chin (disguised as a salesperson) could do was feign a little giggle. But when she took the same guy out for a test drive of the vehicle in a nearby lot, she let him know what was up, taking him on what was likely the scariest ride of his life. His reaction, and those of others who assumed she knew nothing about cars, is straight up hilarious!

Leona Chin is a 28-year-old Malaysian racecar driver who specializes in drifting. To be exact, drifting means to "cause a vehicle to exceed its tire's limits of adhesion, exhibiting a lateral slip, resulting in an oversteer condition." It's definitely not for the faint of heart, and according to the hilarious prank video produced by www.Maxman.tv, neither is it for sexist guys who don't think a girl can drive a vehicle as well as they can.

In the beginning of the video, Leona is seen posing as a salesperson, showing a few prospective buyers a new pickup in a showroom. In one instance, a man  corrects her when she shows him a feature of the vehicle. "No, you're wrong. You have to put it in neutral first." Little did this big shot, and the other car shoppers, know what was in store for them. Leona offers them a test drive, and during the ride, she asks them for permission to drive the car herself. What ensues will have you enjoying quite a laugh.

Champion Leona Chin

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