The weekend is here, and what better way to kick it off than by watching party boy PSY sing, dance, and spread some love in his new music video, with some help from fellow Japanese phenomenon Piko Taro and good friend Lee Byung Hun! To no one's surprise, in the two days since its release on May 10th, "I Luv It" has already been viewed over 11  million times. 

Already ranked #1 on Billboard, Apple Music and just about ever other music chart around, "I Luv It" from Korean superstar PSY has once again cemented himself as a guaranteed international hit maker. Five years since his groundbreaking "Gangnam Style," the artist has returned in a very big way, with a new video sure to get you in the mood to have some fun the next few nights. (Or any night, for that matter!) The new MV below features a surprise guest appearance from Piko Taro, who himself became an overnight international sensation last year with a crazy video of his own, "PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple_Pen). His cameo in PSY's video, therefore, is a collaboration of epic proportions, bringing together two of the world's biggest internet sensations.

And as a little bonus, Lee Byung Hyun shows up to lend some support to his longtime pal. The video is very cool, the song is catchy, and the world has been blessed once again with all the craziness that is PSY.

I luv it!


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