Japan being one of the safest countries in the world is something that we've heard about for a very long time. For example, it is said that if you get home from a night out and realize you left your wallet on the train, the odds of you finding it at the lost-and-found of your local station are actually quite high. So is this really true? Are the majority of Japanese people that honest? Watch this social experiment video shot in Tokyo to find out!

According to statistics released by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, if you drop money in Tokyo, you have a 74.1% chance of getting it back. That is an unbelievably high percentage, if you think about it. In New York City, where I live, that percentage is more likely to be closer to 0.1%! In the beginning of the video, uploaded on YouTube by a man who goes by the name of Zenim, there's a claim that states that Tokyo residents returned 27 million yen (about 242,900 US dollars) in cash last year to the police. That sounds like a lot, but it is a mistake; the number is actually closer to 28 million US dollars. Even after the tragic tsunami of 2011, survivors returned 78 million yen (over 700,000 US dollars) of washed up cash found amongst the devastation. So yes, what we've heard is all true. The Japanese are a very honest people.

To watch this honesty in action, we can watch Zenim's video, shot in the trendy Harajuku district of Tokyo. He drops a wallet as he walks by strangers, and their reactions are all filmed by a camera set up far away. How many people will pick up his wallet and give it back to him? How many will snag it for themselves? It's definitely worth watching until the very end. The results will blow you away.

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