Researching more than 10,000 years of a country's concept of beauty is a task in and of itself, but that's exactly what some folks from Nara University in Japan accomplished, and then some. Six departments of the prestigious institution collaborated with a well-known costume designer to produce an awesome video showing thousands of years of fashion in the Land of the Rising Sun, and the piece is just as stunning as the looks themselves.

Japan has a very long archeological history, with evidence pointing to settlements over 30,000 years ago. But the earliest historic period is called the Jōmon period, which lasted anywhere from 14,500 years ago to around 300 BC, where hunters-gatherers lived and formed a complex culture. It is from this time that renowned costumer designer Isao Tsuge and students from Nara University focused on, creating an awesome video of the varying concepts of beauty across thousands of years, until we get to the present day. Of course, the looks aren't how everyone dressed and made themselves up at the time — they are purely ideals of what people strived for, afforded only by those that could. Either way, it's quite an experience to see the evolution of beauty over thousands of years.

The video is not only interesting, it's very cool and modern, a contrast from the visual journey into the past it takes us. If only we could take a peek at what's to come in the next 10,000 years, how crazy that would be.

A LOT of research.


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