Earlier this month, Seo In Guk (Shopping King Louis) promised to gift fans with a self-composed song and, to their delight, he has finally delivered.

On March 27, Jellyfish Entertainment released the touching music video for Seo In Guk's new single "Better Together". Despite being a smooth ballad, it isn't the song or even the singer's voice that is bringing viewers to tears, but rather the video itself, which features sentimental footage of Seo In Guk and his fans during his solo concert Mint Chocolate.

Following the song's release, Seo In Guk quietly left for enlistment without any farewell speeches to the press. He will be serving the Yeoncheon County's 5th Division in Gyeonggi Province as an on-duty soldier after he has completed basic training.

Although fans are saddened by Seo In Guk's departure, there is still a silver lining on the horizon. In addition to "Better Together", Seo In Guk has prepared a surprise video that is to be released on March 31. Until then, check out Seo In Guk's final farewell music video down below!

What do you think of Seo In Guk's new single? Are you saddened by his departure? Any well wishes you'd like to send him? Let us know in the comments below!


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