It's always important to be aware of your surroundings when using smartphones in public, especially when using it while on the move in crowded spaces. In today's world where so many are glued to their devices, people are always bumping into each other, walking into poles, getting hit by vehicles when crossing the street, or even falling off train platforms just because they're so obsessed with whatever's on the screen. So what if the samurai in traditional Japan all carried smartphones just like we do? Check out the hilarious "Samurai Smartphone Paradeto find out!

Produced by mobile giant NTT Docomo Inc. and just released yesterday, "Samurai Smartphone Parade" depicts sankin kotai, a Tokugawa Period system in which daimyo lords and their samurai were required to travel to Edo, which is modern day Tokyo, for a few months out of the yea to ensure subservience to the Tokugawa shogunate. With highways and bullet trains still a few hundred years away, the lords and warriors would spend weeks traveling to Edo by foot. (The lords didn't have to walk; they were transported in carriages.) Imagine that: weeks of walking across Japan with nothing to entertain you along the way, not even smartphones. Sounds pretty exhausting and boring. But what if all samurai had smartphones?

In modern day Tokyo, every single person on the sidewalk or crossing the street seems to be on a smartphone, which can be dangerous. The statistics are out there. According to a survey conducted by Mobile Marketing Data Labo in 2014, 66.3 percent of smartphone users have collided with passers-by while using their devices, 18.1 percent tripped, and 3.6 percent were so distracted they fell from a railway platform. In fact, smartphones are so distracting that even hardcore samurai warriors would make fools of themselves and others if they were constantly on their phones. 

Not to laugh at people's misfortune, but...