Kim Jeong Hoon puts together a joint North and South Korean beauty pageant in the new web drama Missing Korea. He portrays Director Yoo Jung Hoon in the short series that anticipates a positive future for the two Koreas. While you enjoy his latest series, you may be asking yourself where you have seen him before.

I have listed five of the well-known K-dramas you probably saw Kim star in and didn't even realize it.  

1. Goong 

Being Royal Prince Lee Yul was tough in 2006! He wasn't allowed to ascend the throne, and he had to compete with the Crown Prince for Shin Chae Kyung affections. Who knew being royal was such hard work?

2. Witch Amusement

He became character Yoo Joon Ha in the 2007 SBS series about a woman nicknamed "witch" because of her wicked personality. Yoo was the witch's first love. It starred the very talented Han Ga In.

3. I Need Romance

You remember Kim Sung Soo. right? Unfortunately, he became the bad guy in this mature romantic comedy. He was Sun Woo's longtime boyfriend who had no plans for matrimony.

4. Foolish Mom (aka Dummy Mommy)

Kim played Lee Je Ha in the 2012 SBS family drama about a woman who was embarrassed of her overly affectionate mom with a low IQ. He was a love interest for the spoiled daughter.

5. Her Legend

Kim accepted the rich boy role yet again! His character, Do Jin Hoo, was an heir to a top fashion brand who falls for a luxury handbag designer with humble beginnings.

Which Kim Jeong Hoon role was your favorite? Don't forget to watch him in the new web drama Missing Korea alongside Sandara Park! Watch Now:

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