Remote Qingyan village, located outside Chongqing in southwestern China, has at least 39 pairs of twins. That in itself doesn't sound like such a big deal, until you hear that Qingyan is home to a total of only 369 households. So what's the reason for this phenomenon?

In the United States, we have the Twin Cities in Minnesota, with Minneapolis and St. Paul. But China has "Twin Village," where an astounding 10% of all households living in the district have identical twins residing in them. According to studies made in the past, many factors contribute to the odds of having twins, among them the mother’s age at time of contraception, height, previous pregnancies, oral contraceptive use, and heredity. But despite this understanding, even scientists are baffled by villages like Qingyan, where it almost seems like there's a pair of everyone.

Worldwide, one in every 90 births results in twins, so having 39 identical twins in a village of 369 is definitely a rarity. Living in Qingyan, and especially being a twin there, must be quite the experience – or two.


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