Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without a good K-drama! As we settle down for a hearty meal on Thursday, let's not forget to be thankful for the many K-dramas that brought us joy this year. 2015 was filled with our favorite reliable drama stories and many delightful short dramas. I have listed a few of my favorites over the past eleven months that I believe you will enjoy and ask for second helpings.

1. School 2015

In my opinion, this was the best K-drama of the year! It had love, suspense, and plenty of heartwarming family moments. I was hooked from the first episode. Who else was torn between Eun Bi choosing Tae Kwang or Yi Ahn? Plus, details about her classmate's death were beyond creepy. 

2. Twenty Again

Who wasn't in love with Mr. Dimples? Choi Ji Woo had one handsome suitor (actor Lee Sang Yoon) in this adorable family drama about a woman in her late 30s experiencing college life for the first time. Her son, soon-to-be ex-husband, and first love are all involved in her growth in this hilarious yet heartbreaking series putting a spotlight on second chances.  

3. Dream Knight

The soundtrack alone attracted me to this musical short series. The fantasy plot makes every true fangirl want to soak her stuffed dolls and hope they dry and become a real live idol! It seems like a loosely based K-pop version of Toy Story, where everyone can see your toys come to life. 

4. Noble, My Love

In the beginning of this charming short series, viewers dreamed of the day they could save a handsome rich man too! The show quickly became a hilarious zany love story you couldn't help but be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

5. She Was Pretty

I'm still enjoying this gem of a series. The romantic comedy She Was Pretty took me completely by surprise with its original story and colorful sense of humor. I would have never guessed the main character's nickname would come from her choice of wardrobe.

6. Jeju Island Gatsby 

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking! Jeju Island Gatsby made their audience feel like they were on a tropical vacation for 16 hours. When you pair the beautiful backdrop with a adorable sugarcoated love story, you get the perfect combination.

7. To Be Continued

I was on the edge of my seat throughout this entire comedic short series. I think the audience became even more anxious than the stars for the boy band to return to the present. Their musical performances were captivating, and ASTRO's acting was endearing. I'm highly anticipating their official K-pop debut!

Which 2015 K-drama will you be watching again this Thanksgiving?

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