Andante started its K-drama journey a couple of weeks ago. Since the weekend premiere, the series has blown their audience away with the perfect mixture of melodrama and comedy. From tearjerker weddings to gaming on the edge, Andante is the best K-drama example of YOLO (meaning You Only Live Once). 

Take a moment out of your day to relive some moments from the series that illustrate YOLO. 

1. Show love before it's too late. 

A hospice patient and a soldier wed despite the looming death date of the bride. 

2. Cherish today because you're not promised tomorrow.

To help students value their lives, the siblings' new school let them experience death by lying in a coffin. 

3. Birthdays over classes.

Years after Kim Bom's dad died, she still savors the memories she shared with him at their special tree. Bom (Kim Jin Kyung) always sets aside some solo time to celebrate her birthday even if she does miss classes.

4. Going to Grandma's house is a gamble. 

When life got tough, mom, aunt and the kids packed their bags and traveled to grandma's house in the country. The gamble of whether she was actually going to let them move in or not was worth it.

5. Survive at all costs!

After narrowly escaping from school bullies in Seoul, Shin Kyung (EXO's Kai) gets tracked down by them to the country. He runs for his life and uses one of the town's extra coffins to hide in. 

6. Video gaming is life!

Since life is so short, Shin Kyung spends his days video gaming rather than studying. He even misses classes due to his excessive time playing online. 

Andante is a trailblazer! Are there any special YOLO moments you hope to see in future episodes of Andante?  



Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Lee Ye Hyun

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