The incredibly handsome Yoo Seung Ho has finally returned to the small screen!  He makes his post-military K-drama debut as character Seo Jin Woo in the brand new SBS melodrama Remember. While viewers become entranced by the 22 year-old actor's superior acting once again, let's reminisce about five of his hot K-drama roles over the years that made us fall in love with him. 

1. King and I

Lovable Yoo was just 14-years-old when he portrayed royalty in this 2007 series about eunuch Kim Cheo Seon's life during the Joseon Dynasty. He played young King Seong Jong.

2. Queen Seon Duk

Playing Princess Chun Myung's son, Kim Chun Chu, made him a Crown Prince in 2009. He took the throne yet again the year he turned 16. He looks so handsome in royal attire!

3. God Of Study

His sweet face was one of the main reasons I continued to watch this series in 2010. The show was interesting, but character Hwang Baek Hyun was so cute. 

4. Flames of Desire 

At the tender age of 17, the talented child star accepted the adult role of Kim Min Jae in the heartbreaking 2010 melodrama. He completely mastered the role of a 21 year-old married man. 

5. Operation Proposal

You couldn't help but root for Kang Baek Ho to win Yi Seul's heart in this 2012 fantasy melodrama. Viewers wanted him to time travel as many times as possible to get that happy ending.

Which of Yoo Seung ho's roles was your all-time favorite? 

Watch Yoo Seung Ho portray a young lawyer in the gripping new series Remember:

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