The epic Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy has become one of the most popular dramas in China and around the world. Much of the credit goes to the engaging young actors who starred in the initial episodes. They not only gave impressive performances but are also stunning lookalikes to their grown-up counterparts such as Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou. Many fans like these awesome young actors so much that they almost didn't want these leading characters to grow up! Who are they?

It's truly incredible that they were able to find young but experienced actors who also resembled their grown-up versions so much.

In the following list, the actors' names are listed with the younger version first and then the grown-ups within the parentheses. Can you tell them apart in the comparison photos?

1. Muyun Sheng (Zheng Hao, Huang Xuan)

Zheng Hao is 19 years old now, but he won his first popularity award at the mere age of six. He started as a child actor and has played the young version of leading characters in many productions. 

He and Huang Xuan both convincingly portray the lonely Prince Muyun Sheng, whose mother was Consort Yin Rong, a feared Charmer with magical powers. The half-human prince is burdened with a terrifying prophesy that says the Great Duan dynasty would descend into chaos when he ascends to the throne.

2. Muru Han Jiang (Shi Yun Peng, Shawn Dou)

Shi Yun Peng is 21 years old but has acquired a significant portfolio, because he debuted at the age of eight and won the Most Popular Child Award. His given name Yun Peng, 云鹏, literally translates to Cloud Condor (although Peng is actually a mythical bird in ancient Chinese legends.) He is currently attending the Communication University of China.

He and Shawn Dou both vividly portray the rebellious Muru Han Jiang, who was abandoned as a child by his father, the commanding general of the Great Duan dynasty, because he is prophesied to emerge as a new emperor.

3. Shuofeng He Ge (Zheng Wei, Zhou Yi Wei)

Zheng Wei just celebrated his 17th birthday on December 18, 2017. It means that he was only 14 when the drama first began shooting in 2015. He debuted at the age of nine and has accumulated an impressive portfolio. He is noted for being able to memorize and deliver very long dialogues.

He and the grown-up actor Zhou Yi Wei's similarity goes beyond the facial resemblance. They both exude the unyielding and audacious spirit of a nomadic warrior who wants to reunite the dispersed tribes and establish a permanent home.

4. Su Yu Ning (Eleanor Lee, Xu Lu)

Eleanor, aka Lee Kai Xin, is a Singaporean actress whose mother is a Taiwanese actress based in Singapore. The talented 18-year-old can sing and play guitar, piano, and drums. She modeled for hair products in Singapore as a young teen. In 2014, she debuted in acting when she was selected in a Chinese micro-movie, The Old Road.

Eleanor and her counterpart, Xu Lu, are both poised with graceful manners but also impressive in projecting an inner strength of a brave young woman who wants to defy her destiny as a future Empress.

There are talks that the sprawling epic series was rejected by a Chinese TV channel for its length, and that it was suggested to the production team to reduce the run-time by cutting the initial episodes where the young actors starred in the backstories. The production team refused. 

As it turned out, the series has become a hit drama in China (and here on DramaFever), and viewers are very impressed and fond of the young actors who gave outstanding performances for their characters.

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Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy - 九州·海上牧云记

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Are you impressed by these young actors? Who is your favorite?

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