Will the guy with 7 personalities please stand up? The writer of the The Moon That Embraces The Sun has finally written a new drama called Kill Me, Heal Me, and it will be jointly produced by Zhejian Huace Film & TV, a leading entertainment enterprise in China, and Pan Entertainment of South Korea, the company that produced many blockbusters, including The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Casting is underway, and reportedly, top Korean stars are jostling for the lead role. So, how about we come up with our own suggestions?

According to preliminary synopsis, the story is about a third-generation chaebol heir who has 7 distinct personalities due to DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder.) He will also have a romance with his doctor. (Not sure if he falls in love with one or 7 doctors... just kidding.)

My first reaction is that it is taking ideas from It's Okay, That's Love, where the leading character has a mental illness. However, this new story has reportedly been in the works for three years, and outdoor shooting even started two years ago.

With all that said, it is surprising that they haven't determined who will play the man with 7 multiple personalities.

So how about we make a guess or perhaps help them choose?

1. Kim Soo Hyun: He starred in the extremely popular The Moon That Embraces The Sun and followed up with the fabulously popular My Love From Another Star. It's a perfect transition from Joseon king to 400-year-old alien, then to a man with 7 heads, uh... 7 personalities.

2. Hyun Bin: Although he filmed the movie The Fatal Encounter right after his military service, drama fans desperately want him to come back to dramaland, and the tough marine will be perfect for fighting multiple personalities even though they are all his own.

3. Lee Jong Suk: His popularity and acting prowess is already proven in I Hear Your Voice and Doctor Stranger. I can easily visualize him as the man with multiple personalities, because the genius doctor in him is probably already familiar with DID.

4. Park Hae Jin: He is one of my personal favorite actors and he is willing to stretch his roles from the lovable, adorable Hee Kyung in My Love From Another Star, to a killer in his current new drama, Bad Boys. Furthermore, he is already experienced with multiple personalities since his alter ego is a fashion designer in real life.

5. Lee Min Ho: Fans want him to return to dramaland as well. His schedule is probably the main problem preventing him from a new commitment at this time. But, hey, they have already cloned or split him up in multiple ways with his many fan-meets, photo-shoots, promotions, ad campaigns, even while he was filming the movie Gangnam Blues. So, when there's a will, there's a Min-Ho way.

6. Kim Woo Bin: He easily rose to fame once fans saw how he shined equally bright facing off with Lee Min Ho in Heirs, and he also gave a touching and memorable performance. It's time our eyebrow man gets to be the leading star.

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7. Choi Si Won: Having just watched the delightful Skip Beat, which Choi Si Won filmed in 2011, and knowing he's continued to blossom with projects in Korea and in Chinese-speaking markets, I believe he can tackle this role easily and beautifully. Besides, he is a real-life chaebol son.

8. Lee Joon Ki: He will be available since his current drama, The Joseon Gunman, finishes in early September. I cannot praise him enough for his high energy and strong passion, and I would love to see him in a modern setting with a romance comedy.

9. So Ji Sub: Oh, my heart melts when I think about him in The Master's Sun. What's better than one So Ji Sub? Of course it's 7 times of him. The Big Sun would agree.

A list like this one needs a dark horse. So here's a guy who's played a chaebol son who is secretly a ruthless killer. We hated him so much, but then fell in love with him when he next played another heir who is funny, sweet, with an eclectic personality. Have you guessed yet?

10. Shin Sung Rok: Who can forget the two-faced evil heir and serial killer in My Love From Another Star, who then turned around and gave us the second-lead syndrome in Trot Lovers? Love that little funny smile he does. I'm sure he'll fit the bill. Besides, it's his turn to get the girl, romantically of course.

Keep in mind that some popular actors may be going to the military by that time, I'm thinking Park Yoo Chun and Choi Jin Hyuk, who would have been great contenders too. MBC is slated to broadcast the drama in January 2015.

So, come on now, pick a hot guy from our list, or tell us who you'd like to see in this unusual role.