What do you want to be when you grow up? This question should be familiar to almost everybody! Some people have clear-cut answers while others refuse to even think about it. However, regardless of which camp you fall into, no one can deny that where you end up not only takes a lot of personal effort, but also is aided by a bit of luck and circumstance! There is no exception even for actors, whether or not they started out with the silver screen as a goal or not... Curious to find out which of our favorite actors almost took a different path? Take a look to see which amazing actors almost became idols instead!

#1 Lee Jong Suk

You might be surprised to learn that Lee Jong Suk began his career at the age of 15! He was highly ambitious as he started his idol training while simultaneously modeling. He hit a major streak of luck when he got his first small screen debut on the 2010 drama Prosecutor Princess! Ever since then Lee Jong Suk changed paths to acting, he did however continue modeling.

#2 Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum grew up loving to sing for others. This love grew into a dream of becoming a singer songwriter and in order to pursue this dream he began idol training during his second year of high school.  However, unfortunately for his dream (but fortunately for all of his fans), his agency advised him to pursue acting instead of singing...and boy where they right!  I guess they are not professionals for nothing, and we have them to thank for pointing Park Bo Gum towards acting!

#3 Min Hyo Rin

Before becoming an actress, Min Hyo Rin was already quite an accomplished singer. She was even scouted by JYP and started training to become an idol. However, because she found the commute from Daegu to Seoul to be too much, she decided to give up on the path of an idol and decided to pursue acting instead. 

#4 Kim Min Jae

Kim Min Jae was preparing to become an idol as one of the first trainees of CJ E&M, but all that changed when he was cast in his first Mnet drama, Perseverance of Goo Hae Ra. After that Kim Min Jae's career trajectory was completely changed and he debuted as an actor instead!

#5 Kim Ji Hoon 

At the start of his career, Kim Ji Hoon was actually an idol trainee under SM Entertainment (one of the biggest entertainment labels in Korean entertainment), but was told by the agency to pursue acting instead. His big break came in 2002 with Loving You and a remarkable actor was born! 

#6 Lee Yeon Hee 

Believe it or not, Lee Yeon Hee almost debuted as a member of Girls Generation! When she won the 'Teenage Contest' hosted by SM entertainment in 2001, she was given a spot as a trainee at the agency. However, when things did not work out and she lost her chance to be in the girl group, she decided to debut as an actress instead. 

#7 Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In was a talented artist even at the young age of 16 and was already set to be a solo artist!  However, after experiencing acting in 2004 as a cast member of a series called Sharp, he quickly changed gears and took to acting as his career path.

#8 Honey Lee  

After having already completed a year of training at YG and being in line to be a part of 2NE1, Honey Lee decided to switch career paths to acting shortly after winning Miss Korea in 2006. She has not looked back since this decision, but can you imagine 2NE1 with Honey Lee?!  

#9 Gong Seung Yeon

Can you imagine training for something for seven years and then deciding to drop it all for something different? Well that is exactly what Gong Seung Yeon did!  After seven years of idol training at SM, she grew more interested in acting and decided to switch paths. 

#10 Park Soo Ae

Park Soo Ae started her career without any clear direction on what she wanted to do.  Having been approached by an agent on the street, she started her path to stardom as a blank canvas.  After six months of music training and still no album ideas surfacing, it was not a hard decision for Soo Ae to change directions and go into acting.  

Are you relieved or disappointing with these career decisions? Which actor/actress would you have liked to see as an idol? Let us know below!

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