As the influence and popularity of K-pop grows worldwide, more and more English covers are being made of favourite Korean pop hits. We've all heard some of the amazing K-pop covers in Korean, but trying to translate a Korean song into English poses a whole set of problems making it a rather risky task. Despite this there are some amazing English covers by K-pop fans. Here are 9 of our favourite covers:

1. Ashilia and JD Relic/ Girls' Generation's "Galaxy Supernova,"

Youtube has helped many an aspiring artist, including some talented K-pop fans. Ashilia and JD Relic are a duo who have many different and unique covers of K-pop singles turning them into epic and dance worthy English songs. Check this amazing cover of one of my favourites.

2. Silv3rT3ar's / EXO's "Growl"

Another Youtube sensation known as Silv3rT3ar does some of the most beautiful acoustic versions of K-pop hits ever. At only 17 years old it's hard to believe she can sing with so much soul. The amount of traffic she receives for each song uploaded speaks volumes about how talented she truly is. All I can say is keep them coming!

3. impa of Sweden/ 2NE1's "Missing You"

2NE1's song "Missing You" has been covered in many different forms and languages but impaofSweden from Youtube has one of my favourites. She evokes a soulful and folksy sound that has me wanting to hear more. 

4. Ke$ha/Girls' Generation "Run Devil Run"

This song was initially pitched to Ke$ha and then to Girls' Generation who went on to make it a smash hit. Although Ke$ha's version was never released we have the sound recording of it. It's so fun to hear the different takes artists can have of a song.

5. Tommy C and J Reyez / Taeyang's "Wedding Dress"

I can't even imagine anyone taking on a Taeyang song to cover, as his songs are often pure perfection. The fact that this song still remains so current and beautiful to hear many years after it was released is a testament to how incredible it is. Tommy C and J Reyez do an amazingly beautiful version of the song that will make you want to listen to it over and over again. 

6. Jason Ray /Akdong Musician's "200%"

"200%" by Akdong Musician is at the top of my list of songs that have come out in recent years, so I was especially reluctant to listen to an English cover by someone I had never heard of before. Jason Ray blew me away. His voice is so smooth and silky and he sings the female vocals so effortlessly you almost forget about the original. 

7. Nylon Pink /BIGBANG's "Blue"

I love that they unapologetically go for a completely different sound than the original. It's almost hard to recognize the original song in this cover by Nylon Pink. But if you are into girl bands that rock and have a unique and almost punk sound you'll love this cover. It makes me think of Jem and the Holograms meets K-pop. 

8. Trick / G-Dragons "Who You"

Trick's cover of G-Dragon's "Who You" is both fun and fresh. Although somewhat controversial in whether people love it or hate it the 550,000+ views of the video don't lie. A lot of people have listened to it again and again and again. 

9. Eric Nam/ Taeyang's "Eye's Nose Lips"

Probably one of the most popular English covers out there Eric Nam knocks it out of the park with his angelic version of Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips". Taeyang's song is perfect. Nothing can beat it, but Eric comes as close as possible to doing it justice. He has an absolutely incredible voice that has bewitched the hearts of many fans. 


Jayesslee /PSY's "Gangnam Style"

Although not an English cover, this cover of PSY's Gangnam Style by these two Australian beauties deserves to be shared. 

Who do you think did the best English cover of a K-pop song? Which other songs would you like to see English covers of?