Fanservice: when an anime decides that story is not necessary and focuses entirely on sexualized pixels to make 12-year-old otakus giggle. Some shows actually have so much of it that if anyone watches any of these and tells you it’s for the plot, they are lying to you. So, purely for your reference, here are 10 anime that are famous only because of fanservice.

1) Triage X

Don’t know what’s more ridiculous: a hospital that’s really a crime-fighting agency in disguise, or the fact that those same crime-fighters can never find any armor that actually covers...well, anything.

2) Free!

The tale of five gorgeous hunks who navigate life’s many challenges while constantly stripping and going for a swim once every thirty seconds. Because wearing clothes and staying dry messes with the thinking.

3) Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma

Evidently, cooking can only be done by gorgeous people allergic to clothes. And then, of course, there is all the innuendo involving food. You will never be able to eat a Popsicle in public again.

4) High School of the Dead

It’s horror so it’s supposed to be creepy. But when it’s all about zombies ripping off clothes and their victims having all their group therapy sessions in saunas or locker rooms, it’s creepy for all the wrong reasons.

5) Ikki Tousen

Based on the classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this is a show about feudal lords trying to take over land. If only they could also take over an Old Navy too.

6) So, I Can’t Play H!

So a young man comes across a mystical being (here, a gorgeous woman, of course) and the only way she can survive is by sucking the energy from his perverted spirit. So is being perverted a bad thing when you’re saving a life?

7) Rosario + Vampire

To be fair, this vampire tale isn’t too different from the Twilight character who always needs to have his shirt off.

8) Freezing

Earth has been invaded. Would somebody please call the genetically modified supergirls who have had millions spent on their DNA enhancements and therefore have no budget left for their armor!?

9) Agent Aika

In one sentence: secret agent Aika has a special bustier that transforms into a battle bikini that gives her extraordinary powers. That is all.

10) Sekirei

So a woman just falls out of the sky and reveals that she is part of an organization of 108 magical women that has chosen the protagonist as their contact. And the only way he can make contact is by kissing them. Sounds legit.

11) Bonus: Mai Valentine and Faye Valentine

These two characters are from two anime that are better than anything on this list—and those are definitely not just about fanservice. These are both characters that are far more developed than those found in anything on this list. But seeing as how one is on a cold island and the other is fighting off bullets, it just doesn’t make sense for them to be dressed the way they are. Actually, any time the weather drops below 60 degrees, it doesn’t make sense.

So what other anime have you..[coughs] ahem...your friends have watched and told you about that have no plot and only make up for it with fanservice? Sound off in the comments below! 


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