With the release of Pokemon GO, trainers and pokemaniacs alike are trespassing around neighborhoods catching adorable critters on their phones. But what about other anime that could totally be awesome in real life? For your augmented reality wish list, here are 10 awesome anime that would be even more fun in real life than Pokemon GO.

1) Yu-Gi-Oh! GO

A real life Duelist Kingdom. Go around the world and fight duelists with giant disks around your arm with real monster holograms popping up. Now, all we need is a 5,000-year-old Egyptian pharaoh.

2) Cardcaptors GO

Instead of Pokemon, imagine having Spirits of the Wind and Water coming up on your smartphone. Rather than monsters, you get awesome cards each time you defeat one. And then, when you feel like it, unleash the power of the Clow!

3) Medabots GO

Just imagine; instead of a Smartphone, everyone carries around a giant robot. And when you get in a fight, someone else can claim your robot. Each individual robot should cost around $12,000.

4) Fighting Foodons GO

Instead of Pokemon, everyone has to put together awesome foods, transform them into monsters, and then fight! And, for once, healthy foods that are high in iron will be more fun than flabby fats.

5) Digimon GO

Pretty much exactly like Pokemon, except darker, more mature and with a better story. Bring Digimon to light using Crests or bring them to Darkness using the evil rings. Then capture them, and, instead of gyms, take on the dark masters! And in this world, monsters don’t just “faint” after getting destroyed.

6) Sword Art Online GO

Put on a pretty headset and the entire world transforms into a video game. Hold a nice bagel in your hand and it becomes a flying discus that causes terror on invisible dragons (public buses will do). Your umbrella can be your sword, and your weird older brother can suddenly be a gorgeous princess.

7) Dragon Ball GO

Find the dragon balls popping up on your smartphone and a giant company with headquarters shaped like a dragon pays you millions. There’s really only seven dragon balls to find, but this is the original anime where a genius used a smartphone to find magical objects. So, really, this was Pokemon GO long before Nintendo thought it up. And when there’s only seven dragon balls, you know there’s going to be some serious fighting.

8) Bleach GO

Use your smartphone and smart glasses (shaped like scary masks) to find ghosts. You must hunt those spirits but they can also take over your soul and give you multiple personalities. Actually, this sounds really creepy. Never mind.

9) Fairy Tail GO

Bring a squad together, join one of the various guilds, receive assignments via your smartphone, and work in groups to do odd jobs around your city and gain rank in said guild. Does that sound kind of boring? Sadly, that is like 90% of the anime.

10) One Piece GO

This would be an awesome game. Try to find the One Piece on your smartphone and be Pirate King. Travel via boats and gain friends. Only problem is it would take 600 years and you still wouldn't be Pirate King.

So what other anime do you think would be great to "GO" to in real life? Sound off in the comments below! And for all your anime needs, be sure to follow DramaFever on Twitter and Facebook!


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